Webinar: Tips and tools to building better support structures for today and tomorrow

In today's challenging legal landscape, where 75% of law firms are experiencing declining demand for client services, it is crucial for firms to reevaluate their support structures and maximize the value they deliver. To thrive in this environment, firms need to invest in the right skills, adopt a support structure model that seamlessly enhances client services, and provide lawyers with access to a broader talent pool.

Join BigHand’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Daniel Morrissey, as he leads a panel discussion with law firm leaders on their current support structure policies, how they have evolved, and share strategies for improved efficiency and productivity in the back-office. Attend the webinar for these key learnings:

  • Centralized and Direct Support: Understand the shift towards a 75% centralized and 25% direct support model, and its impact on cost, efficiency, and client services.
  • Competitive Differentiation: Learn how effective support services can set firms apart by meeting client expectations and leveraging a wider talent pool.
  • Data Insight and Long-Term Goals: Leverage data insights to create optimal support structures that adapt to evolving market needs.