Trends Analysis for Legal Pricing and Budgeting

Shape your pricing strategy using four years of critical financial trends. Discover how 45% of firms are reaping the benefits of dedicated legal pricing and budgeting solutions, with an additional 19% planning to implement them within the next year. Gain essential insights to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Trends Analysis for Legal Pricing and Budgeting

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How healthy are your client relationships? 

88% of firms confirm they train lawyers on having greater commercial awareness or plan to start in the coming year.

Our report highlights how firms are hiring experts in pricing, data analysis, and finance systems to optimize pricing strategies and profitability. These experts work with lawyers to build profitable, long-term client engagements. 

Discover the significance of developing your commercial acumen while keeping clients more informed and engaged at a matter level. 

Do you have access to reliable, timely financial data? 

91% of firms increased pricing last year and 86% will increase it again in the next 12 months

BigHand’s research shows how the data from legal-specific pricing tools is essential for creating and tracking matter budgets and efficiently pricing for profit. 

Read more about the measurable benefits of a dedicated legal pricing and budgeting solution to discover why so many firms are turning to technology. 

Is your firm built for long-term profitability?

99% of firms confirm they have introduced more mandated budgeting in the last 12 months.

BigHand’s data reveals that to meet client demands firms must adopt flexible pricing options and use robust processes to track profitability and matter budgets. 

Explore the figures behind the growing demand for financial transparency, detailed matter budgets, AFAs, comprehensive reporting, and competitive discounts. 

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