Metadata Management Configurable, automated metadata scrubbing tool for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents


BigHand Metadata Management is a legal document cleaning tool that allows law firms to cleanse Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and media files at any stage of the process. Users can automate metadata removal, configure varying levels of metadata management, and protect staff from unwitting confidentiality breaches and the business impacts they can cause.

The Big Benefits

  • Prevent disclosure of detrimental information at any stage
  • Cleanse metadata from many file types
  • Manage risk of data confidentiality breaches
  • Save time with automated metadata cleansing
  • Formalize metadata management policies

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How can BigHand Metadata Management help me?

Manage the risk of data confidentiality breaches. Automate metadata removal for legal documents and protect staff from unwitting confidentiality breaches and the business impacts they can cause.

Quickly and easily cleanse Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with automatic metadata removal, at any stage of the process.

  • Protect your firm from metadata risk. Configure varying levels of metadata management from a single central administration center. 
  • Transparent and easy to implement with integrations including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and GroupWise. 

Lawyers can easily cleanse legal documents with automated metadata removal, removing the risk of confidential client or firm information being disclosed.

Key Features

Metadata Removal

Cleanse metadata from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Audio, Video, ZIP files, Open Document Format and other file types.

Batch Metadata Removal

Batch process multiple files simultaneously.

Central Admin Center

Allow your teams to view all metadata in one panel, setting global settings and distributing to all users.

PDF Converter

Clean and convert documents into PDF files while working in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Mail, or at the point of sending files via email.

Safety Prompts

Get alerts to clean documents when sending outside of your organization. A panel will appear to prompt users to select the level of metadata removal required.

Configurable Settings

Create specific settings for all staff, by department or even by individual if there are varying requirements.

Easy Admin

Set and edit the metadata policies that are distributed throughout your organization (metadata removal, editing, printing and viewing restrictions).

Easy Integration

Integrate with popular email programs and document management systems.

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