Document Creation Template management, formatting, styling and document ID tools to make legal document creation easy


BigHand Document Creation is a DMS-integrated legal document solution that simplifies Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for streamlined legal document production. Standardized templates can be created without the need for complex code, and deployed firm-wide in a single click for consistency, branding and improved version control. Users can access key design features such as unlimited numbering, bullet points, styling and more. The solution builds on familiar Microsoft environments, for increased adoption and minimal training. 

The Big Benefits

  • Speed Up Document Production Times 
  • Keep Brand Consistency with Firm Templates 
  • Format and Style Complex Documents with Ease 
  • Apply Configurable Document Stamping 
  • Integrate with your DMS and CMS

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See BigHand Document Creation in action

Product Video - Document Creation - US

See BigHand Document Creation in action

Learn how BigHand Document Creation allows users to utilize firm-approved templates, easily format legal documents, add document stamping and more in this 4 minute video.

How can BigHand Document Creation help me?

Optimize the quality of your legal documents while driving process improvement. Standardize document templates for consistent branding and improved version control, and simplify Microsoft tools for streamlined document production by any user, in any office, language, entity or jurisdiction.

Ensure documents are legal and brand compliant while streamlining document creation. Save time with simplified Microsoft tools that integrate with your DMS. Access key design features such as numbering, bullet points, styling and more, as well as centrally managed document templates for increased consistency.

Transparent and easy to implement with the familiar Microsoft environment for increased adoption and minimal training, and many integrations to systems including DMS, PMS, CRM and SQL databases.

  • Legal documents are the final product presented to your clients. Give your lawyers the tools to ensure they are legally compliant, consistently branded and client-friendly with centrally managed templates and pre-approved content. 
  • Give lawyers more time to focus on billable work with automated, streamlined document creation that simplifies Microsoft tools.  

Key Features

Template Launcher

Select from configurable templates, organized by administrative and department folders.

Court Pleading Templates

Choose from over 210 different court pleading templates across all U.S. jurisdictions. 

Intuitive, Simple Ribbons

Ribbons are organized into intuitive workflow options, making it easy for users to work left to right without extensive training.

Super Copy and Super Paste

Safely reuse content from other documents into branded templates and instantly apply firm-approved styling.

Encore After the Fact

Key document data can be saved and reused later including addresses, recipients, or content, to speed up the creation process.

Advanced Styling Tools

Numbering, formatting and sections are made easy with helpful tools to fix even the most difficult documents.

Scheme Manager

Access all style-sets in one place. Configure, copy, and share styles between documents and people.

Section Tools

Insert sections like table of contents, cover pages and exhibit pages with all the information automatically formatted.

Clean-up Tools

Repair documents with renovation tools that convert manual numbering to automatic, fix cross-references, clean up paragraph marks, and convert a variety of quotes.

DMS and CMS Integration

Insert data from key legal systems, such as client and matter data, and contact info, to reduce error and speed production time. 

Help Mode

Improve adoption with built-in training video tutorials and articles accessible from the ribbon. 

Optional Add-on Features

Talk to our team about Clause Builder, Cross-Reference Finder, Profiling Assistant for iManage, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is BigHand Document Creation?

A: BigHand Document Creation is a full legal document solution consisting of template management, full document styling and formatting tools. Document Creation helps to increase productivity, efficiencies, and overall employee satisfaction.

Documents are the product of a law firm, and broadly what law firm clients pay for. Document Creation enables firms to collaborate with those inside and outside their organization with seamless tools and no conversions needed. Document Creation tools accelerate the production of perfectly formatted documents by any user within the organization, regardless of skill set presenting the correct law firm brand and styling externally, to set firms apart from the competition.

Q: Who uses BigHand Document Creation?

A: Document Creation is used by teams across the legal, healthcare, property, and financial services industries to increase productivity and efficiency, and also reduce the complexity when creating documents.

Within a law firm:-

  • Lawyers can partner with support staff or work independently with various productivity tools regardless of skillset with speed and ease, allowing them to focus on billable work.
  • Support Teams can collaborate quickly and effectively using various tools and utilities and share documents across the organization, seamlessly.
  • Marketing Teams can utilize custom templates to streamline RFP pitches and proposals, seamlessly enable the adherence to firm formatting and branding standards.
  • Firm Management can provide precedent documents and content and easily manage firm branding standards.

Microsoft Word is a very unwieldy place to spend time. BigHand Document Creation takes the complexity out of Word and gives power back to the users, empowering them to draft and finalise documents quickly, easily and without complications.


Q: How does pricing work?

A: BigHand offers multiple pricing options based on your specific business requirements. Pricing is based on the number of licenses your firm needs, your desired level of access to our features and how you’d like to configure the solution to best fit your needs. To receive a custom quote, chat to a member of our team here.

Q: What tier is right for me?

A: Every business is unique and will require different features that address the business challenge they are trying to solve. The Document Creation tier structure ensures that you only pay for the features and functionality you need based on the business challenge you want to solve. View the features included in each tier in the table above, or chat to one of our product experts if you need more help choosing which tier is right for you.

Q: What Consultancy do you recommend?

A: BigHand, we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and understand your requirements. We have a dedicated team of experts with vast industry expertise who can advise you.

Ease of Use/Adoption

Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes! We have a dedicated team of software trainers to help get your teams as self-sufficient as possible, as quickly as possible. We also offer flexibility for you to choose what type of training you require and how much of it you need.

Q: How much training do users require?

A: BigHand Document Creation is designed with a seamless user experience in mind, meaning it’s easy to get your teams setup and using the software. In addition to any training sessions, you’ll also have 24/7 access to a range of training materials including our new Help Mode feature available with the latest release to help individuals across each of your departments harness the full power of the solution.

Q: How long does it take to get set up?

A: Users can be up and running in as little as 6 weeks, but exact timescales will depend on the scope of your project and your internal environment. For the majority of our clients, the project lifecycle (from the kick-off meeting to your users being fully onboarded) takes between 8-16 weeks.

Q. How do we ensure the tool is adopted effectively and what support will be available to us post project?

A: At BigHand, we do our best to work with clients pre-project to prepare end users for the implementation of new technology and process. 

Post project, our dedicated customer support team will be on hand for technical questions, and we also have dedicated experts in place, many with extensive sector knowledge, to ensure you adopt the tool in the best way to maximise efficiencies, underpin relevant processes and ultimately drive your project to success helping to achieve wider business objectives.

Implementation Process & Ongoing Support

Q: What is support like? Is there out of hours service?

A: 98% of our customers say they receive outstanding support from BigHand. Our award-winning technical services team provide 24/5 support to every customer via phone, email or our online support portal. Your Account and Solutions Managers are only ever a call away and are committed to ensuring you’re always getting the most from the software.

Read about what our customers are saying here.

Q: What are the security measures?

A: BigHand aims to be recognised as an organisation adhering to the highest level of Information Security best practice and have implemented a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS is formally managed, controlled, independently audited and certified to IS027001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.​

Find out more about how we keep your information secure here.

Q: What support do I need from my IT team?

A: IT resource will be required to help determine the scope of the project based on your environment and to assist with implementation.

Q: What resources do I need for the project?

A: Below are the roles we typically work with to get a project up and running. Depending on the scope of the project, 

some clients will choose to split these responsibilities across multiple stakeholders, while others may appoint one or two individuals to take on multiple roles. 


  • An Internal Project Manager to assist with scheduling resources 
  • An IT Lead that can work together with BigHand engineers to ensure a smooth installation 
  • Comms Lead to help with comms around the software roll-out 
  • Subject Matter Expert/BH Administrator to manage and adapt the software, post-project 
  • An Internal Trainer to help with onboarding staff and encourage adoption 
Q: How long does it take to set up BigHand Document Creation?

A: Users can be up and running in as little as 8 weeks, but exact implementation times will depend on the scope of your project and your internal environment. For the majority of our clients, implementation typically takes between 8-16 weeks.


Q: Can you create templates and styles/numbering in-house?*

A: Yes! When you start your project, our product experts will work with you to design a bank of templates and configurable styles and numbering based on your internal preferences and standards, whilst training you on how to undertake these tasks yourself moving forward. Once setup, it’s easy for you to adapt and add to these as your business requirements evolve.

Q: How do I build the right templates and develop formatting standards?*

A: Our product experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your internal document workflow and processes, and what you’re looking to achieve and incorporate this into the design of your templates and formatting standards to ensure document formatting consistencies, marketing compliance when necessary and quick turnaround for document edits.

Customer Success / References

Q: Do you have client references?

A: Yes! You can read case studies from customers of all shapes and sizes here.

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