Product Video: BigHand Workflow Management

Video Transcript:

Pressure and demand is nothing new to your firm. You’re always under pressure to manage costs, and reduce overheads.

Part of this means making sure the right work is handled by the right resource at the right cost to the firm, and having access to data to make informed decisions.

And now, there are new pressures. Schedules are shifting, workplaces are changing, and the future is uncertain.

One thing is for sure: you need smarter, more effective ways of managing your firm’s operations... a solution that captures tasks and gives a centralized view of the work being passed between lawyers and their support staff, that lets you identify the support and resource levels needed, with real-time, quantifiable data.

The tool empowering firms like yours to overcome their back-office support challenges is BigHand Workflow. With BigHand Workflow you can:

Staff appropriately, maximizing all available resources; ensure work is always delegated to the right people and teams; and identify training and advancement opportunities... to deliver the highest level of support for lawyers and clients, regardless of where staff are working.

Tasks are easily captured in a single system, and can be assigned and reassigned in an instant to resolve capacity issues or absences.

All the while, data on workloads, work types, and turnaround times are logged, giving you access to the data needed to make informed decisions, quickly.

BigHand Workflow Management is in use at firms with 50 to 5,000 staff. Rollout can be completed in just a matter of weeks. Ten's of thousands of tasks are being managed by the BigHand Workflow system every single day.

And firms around the globe are utilizing the data to make long-term, informed business decisions that improve their operations, client service levels, and ultimately... profits.