Access the information you need to present your firm’s unique value in every pitch you make

It takes time to produce a pitch document that ticks all the boxes. Your marketing department has to scour multiple documents and data sources to find relevant information. They will also need to contact lawyers and partners who’ve worked on similar cases but who may be too busy to spare much time to help.

In addition, marketing and business development teams are often constrained by deadlines, incomplete or outdated information and inefficient systems, resulting in sub-optimal pitch documents. There is now a way to categorize your experience and leverage it to prepare stronger pitches that win new business - by using BigHand Pitching and Proposals.

The Big Benefits

Harness existing information

There's no need to input data twice as all information is held in the existing practice management and CRM systems.

Boost productivity

Automate time-consuming tasks by providing lawyers with links to key documentation, staff who worked on the matter and any other related matters.

Enhance your brand

Designed pitch documentation is automatically generated using your own branded templates and house style directly from within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Minimal IT administration

Specialist IT skills are not needed for day-to-day tasks. Your marketing and business development teams can administer the software and maintain data quality.

Prepare the perfect pitch

BigHand PitchPoint

BigHand Pitching and Proposals is an advanced and easy-to-use solution for preparing the perfect pitch. Firstly, it organizes your firm’s experience and then harnesses it, so your team can create compelling pitch documents that make you win new business.

"Prepare to impress, pitch to win"

Searchable experience

Searchable experience database provides a powerful business intelligence tool that lets you locate expertise across different practice areas, industry sectors and geographic regions.

Built-in approvals

Ensure information quality by enabling supervising partners or business development representatives to approve the addition of matters before the information becomes searchable.

Device independence

You can enter or search information in Pitching and Proposals using any device that runs a web browser, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop PCs.

Modifiable meta information

Meta information on practice areas, lawyers, industry sectors, countries, testimonials and departmental information can be easily modified via the administration area.

Let us help you achieve operational excellence

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