Pitching and Proposals Pitching and experience management tool for law firm marketing and business development teams


BigHand Pitching and Proposals is an advanced legal pitching solution with a searchable data warehouse for optimized experience management. The solution allows business development and marketing teams to access relevant expertise and evidence from across the firm and present it in professional and compelling pitch documentation.  

The Big Benefits

  • Create branded professional pitch documents
  • Work directly in Word and PowerPoint 
  • Pull from a searchable data warehouse
  • Link to key info, staff, related matters and more
  • Implement with minimal IT administration

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See BigHand Pitching & Proposals in action

See how BigHand's Pitching & Proposals software allows your teams to access relevant expertise and evidence and present it in professional, powerful pitch documents in this 5 minute video.


How can BigHand Pitching and Proposals help me?

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Stand out from competitors and win more business with professional and compelling pitch documentation. Give your Marketing and BD teams access to the most up-to-date, relevant firm information from the central data warehouse and allow them to streamline and automate the production of first-class pitching documents. 

Ensure brand consistency and save time creating powerful pitch documentation. Access up-to-date business intelligence about your firm’s experience from matter information to business accolades or lawyer experience that can be automatically turned into well researched, professional, and persuasive pitch documents.

  • Minimal IT administration needed. Marketing and business development teams can easily administer the software and maintain data quality. 
  • Simple implementation with seamless integration to existing PMS and CRM systems.

Lawyers can ensure pitch documents are optimized to showcase the firm, stay consistent with branding, and are relevant to each individual client, with up-to-date firm information and lawyer experience, stored in the searchable data warehouse. 

Key Features

Branded Pitch Templates

Quickly create highly professional, on-brand pitch documentation, all from within Word and PowerPoint.

Searchable Experience Database

Access up-to-date business intelligence about your firm’s experience from matter information to business accolades or lawyer experience.

Built-in Approvals

Ensure information quality by requiring sign-off on matter details and content before the information becomes searchable.


Enter or search information using any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop PCs.

Modifiable Metadata

Edit meta information on practice areas, lawyers, industry sectors, countries, testimonials and departmental information in the administration area.

Simple Integration

Connect with your existing PMS and CRM systems for always up to date information. 

No-Code Maintenance

Minimal IT administration needed. Marketing and business development teams can easily administer the software and maintain data quality.  

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is BigHand Pitching & Proposals (BHPP?)

BigHand Document Creation is a template management platform that enables users to quickly create documents based on the firm’s house-style and brand, on behalf of any user, in any location and in any language or jurisdiction the firm may practice in.  It works across the Microsoft Office suite in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Can BigHand Pitching & Proposals be used by anyone?

Yes. The firm decides who should have access to either search the credentials database and/or produce pitch-related documents. BHPP can be configured to support Fee Earner self-sufficiency if required or restricted so that only authorized users can produce documents.

Can BigHand Pitching & Proposals be used to automate the production of marketing documents?

Yes and these can be completed by users in Word or PowerPoint, regardless of the user’s skills in either of those applications.

Can it help with converting legacy documents to the new BHPP template e.g. if we rebrand?

Yes. BHPP comes with a ‘Create from Existing’ function which enables users to select content from any document and place it into any of the firm’s BHDC templates. Therefore a legacy document can be opened, the body text selected and placed into a ‘fresh’ template of the required kind. This function also helps reduce the risks encountered when users repurpose legacy documents instead of starting afresh.

Can BHPP produce reports on pitches won/lost/cancelled?

Yes. The firm can specify whether the information is to be surfaced in Excel or, if preferred in PowerBI or other application.

BD often don’t know what happens to a pitch after it has been sent out – can BHPP help?

Yes. The ‘pitch status’ field can be configured to send a notification email whenever that status is changed to either ‘cancelled’, ‘won’ or ‘lost’ and can be further configured to prompt for required information as to why.

Can BHPP support individuals updating their own CVs?

Yes. An expiry date can be attached to certain content, including CVs/biographies and an alert email configured to prompt the individual to review that content. The updated content can be routed via BD for review prior to being made live in the BHPP database.

Every pitch at my firm is bespoke, can this solution help me?

Yes. BHPP enables users to produce a professional, on-brand pitch document into which perfectly tailored content can be drafted. That content can be anonymized and saved for future use in similar pitches if desired.

Can I use BHPP to produce a legal directory submission?

Yes. BHPP can assist in the production of directory submissions and significantly reduces the time to produce similar submissions for an alternative directory in the same year.

Can BHPP handle printing?

BHDC comes with a system called SmartPrint which helps to simplify MS Word printing tasks. It can handle pre-printed firm stationery, automatic watermarks, colour and duplex settings and printer tray mapping with just a few clicks of a button. This feature also removes the need to maintain an ‘email letter’ template since it can withhold those items (eg. logos, footer information etc.) which already appear on pre-printed stationery. Please note that although our templates can produce a document with ‘full page bleed’, if sent to a standard office printer there will still be an ‘unprintable’ region at the extreme edges of the page, giving a small margin of white space framing that page. When sent to a large-format printer or to an external agency, however, the output will appear as full page bleed.


How does pricing work?

BigHand offers multiple pricing options based on your specific business requirements. Pricing is based on the number of licenses your firm needs, your desired level of access to our features and how you’d like to configure the solution to best fit your needs. To receive a custom quote, chat to a member of our team here.


Do you offer training?

Yes! We have a dedicated team of software trainers to help get your teams as self-sufficient as possible, as quickly as possible. We also offer flexibility for you to choose what type of training you require and how much of it you need.

Can Marketing/BD administer the BHPP database or must they rely on the firm’s IT team or BigHand?

Yes. The database can be maintained by whichever team the firm appoints.

How do I get my collateral into the BHPP database?

We provide support to guide your team in readying your data for upload and checking its validity. Some of your data may remain where it is, accessed by our solution.

Does BigHand provide the designs for the templates?

No. BigHand produce MS Word/PowerPoint templates from the designs provided by the firm. We can signpost you to providers of these services if required and we work closely with your designers to help ease that conversion into MS Office templates by our implementers.

Implementation Process & Ongoing Support

Can the solution integrate with other systems?

Yes. BHDC integrates with other commonly-found third-party systems such as iManage, NetDocuments, InterAction, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Aderant and Elite as well as having connectors to custom systems. This means that users do not have to leave their application to make use of the information found in these systems and include it in documents without having to copy and paste or type it manually, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Can I use BHPP with Microsoft Office 365?

Yes. BHPP is compatible with MS Office 365.

Does BHPP work with PowerPoint and Excel?

Yes. The Practice can have templates in either Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Users will see a similar BHDC customised ribbon whichever Office application they launch. PowerPoint users can also have access to repositories such as slide, image and shape libraries which can hold pre-fabricated content for insertion into presentations.

We use InterAction’s pitch tracking – can BHPP record an activity there instead?

Yes. The pitch tracking facility can be switched off and certain activities can be written to InterAction’s pitch tracking module instead if required.

Is my data held in this country?

BHPP is an on-premise solution, so all data is retained by the firm.

Can I mark some experience records as confidential?

Yes, access to these can be restricted.

Do I need a separate server for BHPP?

No. The database has a small footprint and can easily share space on a SQL server.

What if I need marketing templates in languages other than English (UK)?

BHPP has excellent multi-lingual capabilities. Templates can be configured to generate documents in the appropriate language(s), including dual language requirements.

Is it possible to search the database from a mobile or tablet as well as from a desktop PC?

Yes. This is particularly useful for answering queries around the firm’s experience whilst out of the office or at networking events.


Can firms make changes or create their own marketing templates, or update the ribbons or the database?

Yes. BHPP comes with a built-in Design and Admin tool which means Practices can take control of their own templates in-house without the need for programming skills or reliance on vendor or third party support. BigHand can also provide these services if preferred. Otherwise, appointed administrators can update the collateral database without reliance on the firm’s IT team or BigHand.

Can firms customise the BHPP ribbon?

Yes. BHPP is extremely flexible and configurable. The ribbon can be edited in-house using the inbuilt Designer and Admin tool. Different versions of the ribbon can be seen by different user groups (eg. the Designer tools are only visible to the Practice’s designated template administrators). Some templates may provide a context-sensitive ribbon when launched, to assist the user in the creation of that particular document type.

Can we ‘hide’ templates so they are visible only to selected user groups?

Yes. BHPP supports filtering in the ‘template picker’ from which users select the required template. Therefore if, for example, HR templates should be visible only to HR team members, the picker can be filtered accordingly.

Does BHPP include pitch tracking capabilities?

Yes. This feature is included as standard but can be switched off if not required. Pitch/proposal/credentials opportunities can be assigned to a pipeline and tracked through to conclusion.

Can an individual have more than one CV/biography attached to their record?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of variations which an individual can have. They can, for example have a long or short form of their CV, one in another language(s), one for each Practice area in which they specialize, a formal and informal version etc. It is also possible to attach relevant testimonials and awards to that individual’s record.

How will I know if someone in the firm has created a pitch document?

We offer a range of options to improve visibility and communication in relation to the inception of a pitch document.

Can signature images be included in marketing documents?

Yes. If required, BHPP can provide the user with a gallery of only those signatures which that individual is authorized to use. From this they select a signature image for insertion at the cursor position. Additional signature image auditing is also available, enabling the production of a report to show which signatures have been used, when and by whom.

Can BHPP handle complex template requirements?

BHPP is extremely flexible and configurable. It is used by some of the largest global law firms, meeting a wide range of requirements, from multi-lingual pitch/proposal documents to placemats, invitations, presentations and flyers, to name just a few. Please contact us to discuss how the solution may be configured to accommodate your specific needs.


Do you have client references?

Yes! You can read case studies from customers here.

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