Documentation made simple
From the notoriously complex formatting options in Microsoft Word to document styling, stamping and metadata protection, our tools simplify and streamline the document creation process, meaning you can focus on your core objectives.

Save time and improve compliance through automation

Are your staff struggling to create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents quickly and consistently? Create, manage, customize and distribute document templates quickly with BigHand Document Creation, all while following your organization’s best practices.

Protect your organization from metadata risk

Whenever a document is shared externally, there's a risk the sensitive information hidden within the document will be also be shared unintentionally. BigHand Metadata Management offers automated protection from users accidentally sharing this "metadata", and protects firms from damaging confidentiality breaches.

Make sure important documents are kept safe, secure and properly labelled

Don’t allow your teams to waste time searching for missing documents. Stamp each documents with its key identifying information like author, title, creation date and version number, and standardize document ID and storage processes across all departments, with BigHand DocID.

Explore our other solutions...

Optimize your support services

Get visibility into your support teams – your firm’s third largest expense – and make sure they’re working efficiently and consistently with our task delegation tool, BigHand Now.

Reduce transcription costs

Harness the power of voice and capture work on desktop or mobile devices, and seamlessly add them to a digital workflow.