Optimize your back-office
Support staff are often an organization’s third largest cost – they’re overworked, but are rarely fully optimized, with the wrong skill sets being applied to the wrong tasks. Gain visibility by using data to implement better processes, maximize your team's efforts.

From task delegation software to team tracking, our smart solutions offer you the transparency you need.

Give the right people the right tasks at the right time

Improve your bottom line by increasing your team’s efficiency at every level with a more consistent stream of work, closely aligned with their skills. Easy-to-use, configurable workflows are simple to implement, with BigHand Workflow Management.

Analyze your team’s workload

Is it billable or non-billable? A core requirement or an ad-hoc task? Understanding how your support teams work with BigHand Workflow Management is the first step in helping them to work smarter.

Dictate your way to operational excellence

Imagine how much more efficient your teams could be if busy professionals could make better use of traditionally unproductive time, and dictate tasks on the go. With BigHand Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition, voice recordings can be transcribed instantly and converted into completed documents in seconds.

Simplify document creation

Tackle the headache of creating complex branded documents with BigHand’s quick, easy, automated template creation software.

Style quick, easy and fully compliant documents

Formatting and styling your Microsoft Word documents doesn't have to be a challenge. Make it easy with BigHand Document Creation.