Payne Group joined BigHand in 2019, read the full news release here. Payne products are now backed by BigHand's award-winning support team. Access the support portal from the BigHand main menu, or click here. Learn more about the legacy Payne Group products below, and click through to get more information about how our solutions can help your team.

Metadata Assistant

Metadata Assistant analyzes and removes identifiable information that lives in electronic files, plus integrates with email and DMS for easy use.

Outlook Send Assistant

Email Recipient Checking helps prevent embarrassing e-mail mistakes. Warnings for reply-to-all, BCC, emails outside your organization and more.

Redact Assistant

The majority of files are shared electronically rather than printed. Permanently delete data and sensitive information with this digital redact tool.

Numbering Assistant

Some documents have complex numbering schemes and tables of contents. This tool simplifies difficult paragraph numbering and styling in Word.

Forms Assistant

Create standardized templates across your organization. Streamline and simplify up the document creation process with this tool.

Doc ID Assistant

DMS-integrated document stamping tool that allows you to add client/matter number, version, date, time, author, and more.

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