Webinar: Using BigHand BI powered by Iridium to track matter performance and boost profitability

Understanding your law firm’s profitability metrics is vital but working out how to calculate profit can be daunting. Firms are gradually becoming more profit savvy, but in the recent LawVision Profitability Survey only half of the respondents have been managing with a focus on profitability for 5+ years.

In this webinar Fraser Mayfield, Head of EMEA – Financial Productivity, Bighand, will be demonstrating how law firms are gaining in-depth insights into the drivers of law firm profitability using BigHand BI powered by Iridium.

Key takeaways:
• Best practices for calculating profitability
• Achieving a data-driven understanding of client & matter profitability drivers like leverage, effort and costs.
• Using ‘dimensions’ to understand which factors most influence profit margin
• Incorporating profit as part of your law firm partner dashboards.