Leading legal workflow: BigHand is number one again in 2021 ILTA Tech Survey

BigHand has been voted the number one voice dictation solution in the 2021 ILTA Technology Survey, further cementing its leading market position for legal workflow management solutions.

With an increased market share since last year’s survey, this year’s results reflect the growing market demand for legal-specific workflow technology, with more of BigHand’s clients opting to convert their voice dictation licenses to the full workflow management platform, incorporating all lawyer delegation options.

BigHand has seen a 95% increase in its Workflow Management client base since the start of the pandemic, in part due to increased remote and hybrid-working practices and law firms need for visibility of support teams workload. Additionally, the increased pressure on law firms to provide world-class service, while maximizing efficiency and value to their clients has resulted in a greater focus on support structures including more centralization, specialization and general modernization of back-office processes.

With BigHand’s Workflow Management, lawyers can submit tasks by voice, email, by completing a form or by mobile.   Work can also be submitted on their behalf by support staff.  All work is captured in one system and is automatically distributed to the right resource. Output reports can be used by management for visibility of key metrics like work volume by task type, capacity and utilization to allow firms to make data-driven decisions around staffing, training and performance.

Eric Wangler, Global Managing Director of Workflow Solutions at BigHand commented, “Law firms are facing unprecedented pressure with a significant loss of tenured support staff to retirement and attrition.  They are telling us their ability to replace this staff like-for-like is extremely difficult, causing many firms to move away from relationship-based support structures. To meet the challenges of new working practices, the BigHand workflow solution incorporates all delegation options, and we’ve seen a huge influx of demand from clients who need added visibility of support staff functions as hybrid and remote working becomes the norm.”

BigHand also retained its position as the number one solution in document templating, used by hundreds of law firms in North America, reinforcing its position as the go-to provider of legal productivity software and document creation tools to law firms of all sizes.