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How to Organize and Modernize Your Legal Support Services

Law firms across the globe are under pressure from all fronts; whether it is customer demands, unrelenting drive on costs, requests for price transparency, growing demand for agile working or an increasing need to have operational insight into support costs. Download this guide to learn how to build the future shape of your organized, centralized and modernized legal support services.

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Progressive Firms' Use Of Technology To Implement And Optimize Efficient Back Office

Law firms today are facing more pressure and competition than ever before due to a rapid evolution of the legal industry that continues to accelerate. In this whitepaper, we share real-world examples of the changes law firms are making in response to the "operational blind spot" and other back-office inefficiencies. Download the full report to learn more.

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The Future of Law Firm Back Office Services and the Operational Blind Spot

For this whitepaper, partnering with Altman Weil, we surveyed senior law firm operations roles to better understand how firms are managing their administrative work, including whether the right work was being done by the right people, at the right levels, and informed by reliable data.

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