Time for change: Managing legal support staffing in a world of increasingly constrained supply and evolving demand
How will firms continue to deliver high-quality support to their attorneys (and ultimately their clients), against the backdrop of increased staff turnover, loss of knowledge and cost constraints, with limited visibility to make informed decisions or plans for the future? To get a deeper understanding of these challenges, BigHand partnered with the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) to conduct The Legal Support Retirement and Staffing Survey. The results are in.

What's in the report?

In this whitepaper, we reveal anticipated support staff turnover rates and the challenge of backfilling support roles in order to satisfy the varying needs of attorneys. We also share information on firms’ plans to deal with recruitment, the impact of retirement and natural attrition rates on structural plans and timescales for changes to the legal back-office.

Eric Wangler
President and Global Managing Director, People Productivity, BigHand
April Campbell
Interim Executive Director, ALA
Chris Ryan
Managing Director, HBR Consulting
Mark Santiago
Partner, SB2 Consultants
Janet Celly
Chief of Business Operations, DLA Piper