The BigHand Tool Kit
A no-nonsense guide to achieving operational excellence in your support services - regardless of your firm size

Operational efficiency is an agenda item spanning well beyond the Top 100, and with all firms facing increasing pressure to do 'more for less', while ensuring remote working is optimal. Finding faster and more profitable ways of delivering the best service for clients should therefore be the top priority to stay ahead. With this in mind, we have created a no-nonsense toolkit for small to medium firms to achieve operational excellence by optimizing support teams, and understanding legal workflows and task delegation – without undergoing huge transformational projects.

What's in the report?

  • Introduction - Why law firms of all sizes need visibility into the support staff function
  • Step One: Asking the Right Questions - Establishing your project needs
  • Step Two: Winning your Case - Goal setting for gaining internal buy-in
  • Step Three: Finding the Right Technology - How the right solution can solve your challenges
  • Step Four: Successful User Adoption - Top tips for success in the short and long term
  • The Real World - Examples of how other law firms have got their project off the ground

Download the tool kit above.