BigHand stands in full support of Ukraine

BigHand's position on the war in Ukraine

BigHand is against acts of unwarranted terror, aggression and war and we stand in full support of Ukraine, and all those that are supporting Ukraine through this horrific and shocking event.

Whilst we have very minimal association with Russia as a business we have taken the decision to stop any future business activities linked to Russia whilst the conflict continues.

Globally our BigHanders are coming together to do as much as we can to support Ukraine, these actions include:   

  • We have switched our chosen charity for FY23 to a Ukrainian charity
  • We will run a charity event across all regions every month until this travesty stops.
    • BigHand will continue to match the money raised by BigHanders (BigHanders have already raised £3,300 which has been matched to a total of £6,660)
  • We will be flexible in allowing time off for our colleagues living in surrounding regions to Ukraine if they wish to offer support to those in need
  • We will continue to explore ways in which we can help all those affected and do everything we can to offer our support

We hope that this madness stops soon but are aware of the catastrophic damage already caused which is why we have taken the above actions.