BigHand customers show up in force for the return of their User Conference

BigHand held its User Conference, displaying the latest version of its BI, Resource Management and Workflow tools to an audience of legal leaders

Last week, BigHand hosted their largest User Conference to date, their 15th User Conference, attracting over 350 attendees from a host of organisations across the legal industry. 

Since the last User Conference three years ago, BigHand has seen exponential growth as they welcomed Mason & Cook, Iridium Technology and more recently Digitory Legal to the BigHand family. This year’s theme was ‘Making Even Bigger Happen’ drawing on how the company has evolved to better support their clients and their challenges.! The agenda showcased how firms are best leveraging BigHand solutions to optimize legal business operations and profitability.

At the User Conference, BigHand revealed the latest versions of their award-winning solutions including  BigHand Resource Management and BigHand Workflow Management solution, highlighting how the refined technology will now provide further exceptional support to lawyers and clients.

The conference featured a range of expert insight from various customer panel sessions with speakers including legal CFO’s and COO’s, to Senior Resource as well as Senior Business Analysts and Pricing and Commercial Managers across multiple established organisations.   

Sam Toulson, Chief Executive Officer at BigHand comments, “BigHand has seen many developments over the past three years and the User Conference is a invaluable opportunity to spend time with our loyal clients and showcase how our expanded product line can further support their goals.  We are honored so many clients took time to share their unique insights into how they’re utilizing the BigHand technology both on and off stage. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and it’s truly great to have this day with so many of them."

Briana McCrory, Chief Marketing Officer at BigHand adds, “We’re thrilled to have hosted our 15th User Conference and for it to be our biggest ever event.  After a long break, it's incredible for us to see such enthusiasm from our speakers and attendees, and the feedback we’ve received has allowed us to gain valuable insight from our clients that we can implement back into our technology. It has really demonstrated the value of these events and being back at in-person events. Thank you to everyone involved."