Deploying Role-Based Dashboards in a Highly Customized Environment

Client success story originally shared on Iridium Technology is now part of BigHand. Learn more here.

Problem: A 250-attorney Australian law firm was struggling with getting information out of its time-and-billing system. It had no integrated reporting strategy – some reports were created in Excel, some in Crystal Report. There was also no single source of truth, and the firm needed an analytics and reporting foundation to support its requirements for financial reporting.  

Solution: The firm implemented the Iridium, now part of BigHand BI Revenue module. As the firm did not have the budget for a large, upfront licensing fee, it capitalized on Iridium, now part of BigHand’s subscription-based pricing.  As it turned out, the firm was able to eschew paper reports altogether by deploying on Iridium’s efficient and sophisticated dashboards for all fee earners. It also was able to take advantage of Iridium, now part of BigHand’s customizable cubes, allowing for ad-hoc information analysis whenever necessary.  

Impact: All firm members now have all key information available easily and in near real-time, with all dashboards loading in less than five seconds. Power users can also do ad-hoc analyses. The result is better insight into the revenue as delivered by each attorney and the ability to make quick decisions to better manage the firm.

About BigHand Business Intelligence

BigHand’s Legal Business Intelligence is the most advanced BI solution for law firms. It’s flexible, autonomous and source agnostic data warehouse solution, replaces manual law firm finance reporting with a real-time digital overview of your financial data.

Specifically tailored for lawyers, finance and management teams, it strips the complexity away from the mountains of information you generate. The self-service tool gives users controlled access to the appropriate legal finance data which can be quickly and easily shown through any visualization tool of choice, including PowerBI.

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