BigHand Evaluate Product Video

Watch how BigHand Evaluate can accelerate your firm’s growth, with powerful, intuitive budgeting and pricing tools, putting matter management back into the hands of those who need it most.

BigHand Create and iManage Work 10 - An integration that makes document production simple

BigHand, a global software company offering voice, workflow and document production solutions to the legal market, has today announced an integration with iManage Work 10. The integration further strengthens a longstanding business partnership that was formed to make it easy for users to create, store and manage high-quality legal documents.

Some initial thoughts on operational excellence and what it should look like

‘Operational Excellence’ is something all business owners/managers, regardless of industry, strive to achieve. Whilst the exact meaning of the phrase will be dependent on people’s interpretation, ongoing change is an opportunity that no company can afford to ignore, including my own.

BigHand unveils the latest version of the number one Macro and Template solution, BigHand Create Version 7.6

BigHand Create is designed to help users generate consistent, compliant and professional documents more efficiently than ever before. With BigHand Create, firms have the freedom to create and update document templates in-house, without needing expensive and time-consuming custom development.

You want a hole, not a drill: Finding the right technology solution at law firms

Law firms are constantly under pressure from clients to decrease costs while increasing efficiency. While the volume of work largely has not changed, firms are expected to do the same work with fewer staff and do it better and faster. Simply put—do more with less. To reconcile these seemingly conflicting demands, many law firms turn to technology as a solution. The problem is that too often, firms focus on the technology itself, when the emphasis should be on the problems the technology is intended to fix.

BigHand Hyperstyles

Empower your teams to do great work in their specialist areas, rather than functional, time-consuming tasks like fixing formatting issues.

BigHand Caps off a Record Year of Growth

This success came on the heels of the prestigious ILTA 2017 Legal Technology Survey naming BigHand the number one digital dictation solution as well as the number one document macro and template software.

BigHand Professional

Does your organization need to boost profitability and productivity, and speed up document production?

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS deliver with BigHand Mobility

This implementation is part of a larger Trust project focused on:

Case Study
Wedlake Bell Transforms Efficiency with BigHand Speech Recognition

As a decade long user of BigHand, the decision to adopt BigHand Speech Recognition was straightforward.

BigHand acquires legal business intelligence and matter pricing provider DW Reporting

BigHand, a leading provider of productivity software to the legal market, is to acquire DW Reporting (‘DWR’), a fast growing provider of best in class legal Business Intelligence and matter pricing for the legal sector. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

BigHand Evaluate

Too many organizations still approach pricing without concrete, actionable data.

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