Woods Rogers advances functionality, document control with BigHand Create

Law firm Woods Rogers has chosen to replace their template management solution with BigHand Create.

BigHand, Accellis partnership to deliver stronger law firm efficiency

CHICAGO - BigHand North America is partnering with Accellis Technology Group (Accellis) to deliver their full suite of productivity-enhancing software solutions to law firms. With this alliance, Accellis will add the BigHand suite of products to their impressive slate of technology partners as they consult and implement custom solutions in the legal community.

2017 AMLAW 200 – The State of the Top 200 Firms

The AMLAW 200 and AMLAW 100 reports have been industry bellwethers since 1986, touting the trends and changes in the top law firms in the US. Despite the fact that the overall indications are that law firms are still showing growth, these reports are inciting lots of buzz this year because with closer analysis, many troubling trends seem to be emerging.

Top Five Ways Lawyers Use Dictation Technology

For many young lawyers, dictation evokes images of dusty credenzas covered with tape recorders and microphones. But while today’s lawyers tend to be more tech-savvy than past generations, they still use their voices to accomplish a lot every day. Dictation has evolved and become an active part of productive law firms. In fact, modern dictation tools are easily available and completely intuitive as apps for smartphones or tablets. Here are five ways dictation technology can help you to operate more efficiently and improve your billable hours — besides just dictating a memo, letter or brief.

BigHand North America Announces Strategic Partnership with DTI

BigHand North America, a supplier of speech, workflow and document creation technology to law firms, and DTI, a global legal process outsourcing (LPO) company providing eDiscovery, management services, litigation support and court reporting, today announced their strategic partnership. DTI will implement the BigHand Delegate workflow management platform, BigHand Now, to bring enhanced efficiency and transparency to its business process service offerings.

NHS Trust delivers sustainable service excellence with BigHand

Sarah Keetley, Transformation Lead at NTW comments: “Historically, medical dictations took up to 8 weeks to process. BigHand and our Transcription Team reduced this to same-day turnaround, and our Urgent Care staff currently benefit from a one-hour turnaround target. Patients know now that they will get both clear and timely communications, which in turn has improved safety and reduced out-of-hours risk, not least because our crisis teams have up to date records to work from.”

Five Tips to Improve Back-Office Processes

Are you contemplating streamlining, centralizing or outsourcing some or all of your law firm’s back-office functions? It’s an idea worth exploring. Improving basic processes and using the right technology can help you and your staff minimize frustration and save time, which ultimately benefits your clients.

Removing the Stumbling Blocks to Using Styles

Styles allow you to automatically format your entire document at once instead of having to do it as you go along. Although learning to use styles can seem a bit daunting at first, the benefits are worth the time and effort to implement better formatting practices.

SURVEY: BigHand Create grows efficiency by 69%, saves 2.5 hours per day

CHICAGO, IL - A recent survey of 80 BigHand Create clients found the tool saves users an average of two and a half hours of document production time per day, equating to an average cost savings of $12,889 per user, per year. For firms with large teams of support staff, reportedly creating up to 800 documents a day, BigHand Create is proven to significantly reduce overhead costs and free up valuable resources

Why Analytics Make Workflow Technology Critical for Modern Law Firms

The benefits of workflow technology can make a big impact. The key for law firms is to deploy a system that provides robust tracking and analytic capabilities that will help streamline and improve processes while reducing costs.

BigHand Dictate with Mobility apps prove a big hit for Fox Rothschild LLP.

Fox Rothschild, LLP, a Philadelphia-based law firm with 500+ attorneys, is committed to "utilizing advanced technologies to effectively service and collaborate with clients in the highest quality manner." With 15 offices spread across the U.S., leveraging technology plays a key role in servicing clients.

BigHand Integration to Revolutionize Law Firm Document Production

CHICAGO, IL - BigHand, a software development company providing speech, workflow and document creation tools to law firms, today announced an integration between their digital dictation software version 5.0.5 and template management solution, BigHand Create version 7.5. The integration will reduce the number of clicks and simplify the process of producing legal documents for both attorneys and support staff, enabling them to dictate, proofread and generate finished documents directly within the BigHand system.

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