Tailored solutions that boost profitability and deliver operational excellence.

Your journey to operational excellence starts with BigHand. Starting with consultation, we'll tailor a configurable solution that addresses your unique business challenges, from matter pricing and lack of business intelligence, to poor visibility over your team's workflows, helping you become more efficient and profitable.

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Plan, manage and monitor all matters more efficiently.

Analyze your business performance and give your teams access to better information, enabling quick and easy budget creation, tracking and pricing for profit.

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Make more informed decisions with better business intelligence.

Get a true view of your firm's finances at all levels including profitability, inventory and aged debt. Eliminate guesswork and poor financial matter planning, simplify complex data, and improve your teams’ productivity without the worry of analytical bottlenecks.

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Delegate your way to operational excellence.

Harness the power of configurable digital workflows to stay productive even on the go, gain insight into your support teams, and make informed business decisions.

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Financial excellence through first-class business intelligence.

Get a grasp on your financial data in real-time, empower your teams to work smarter and effect real business change at all levels.

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Powerful insight into your margins, pricing and profitability.

Price better, plan faster and profit more. Track matter budgets in real time and price transactions before you’ve even made them.

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Save hundreds of valuable hours with digital dictation and speech recognition.

Harness the power of voice; the fastest way to communicate, streamline processes and empower your teams to work efficiently and accurately.

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Become more efficient with enhanced template management.

With an advanced template management system, teams can create highly professional, fully-compliant branded templates at the touch of a button.

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Combat formatting inefficiencies with consistent and reliable document styling.

Enable your teams to create consistent, compliant documents with pre-set styles that can be accessed at the click of a button.

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Protect your organization from metadata risk at the click of a button.

Don’t send sensitive information into the wrong hands. Our powerful solution empowers your teams to cleanse documents easily.

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Set better standards and manage version control with precision document stamping.

Achieve total control and consistency across your documents, keep better records, and improve compliance.

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Outstanding customer support that you can rely on.

Our customers trust us to deliver what we say we will, with ongoing services and support that set us apart.

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Empower lawyers and optimize stretched support teams.

Give management better visibility over the workflows of their legal and support teams, understand who's working on what, and boost professional productivity at every level of your firm.

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Don't let compliance hinder your teams' productivity.

Our innovative solutions geared towards the Finance sector allow your teams to be fully optimized and stay on the right side of relevant regulations and compliance at all times.

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Stay efficient and productive, even on the go.

Give your teams support and easy access to workflows that keep them in-the-know and productive when they’re out of the office.

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Together, we Make Big Happen.

Our team of BigHanders take the time to understand your challenges, and are always on hand when you need us most.

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Be part of an award-winning team.

We're not only a great company to be a client; BigHand is also a great company to work for. And we have the awards to show it.

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Don't waste time on time-consuming analog processes - utilize industry-leading voice solutions

Organizations like yours waste hundreds of staff hours manually typing, transcribing dictations, or drafting emails, letters, and countless other time-consuming analog processes.

Documents are easily lost, wrongly assigned, or incorrectly prioritized. And too often, staff waste time and resource on unnecessary admin when they could be focused on the vital work they’re qualified to do. Boost profitability by empowering your teams to spend less time transcribing, and more time on higher-priority work.

Enable dictation that’s not only fast to complete, but incredibly straightforward to manage with configurable workflows. Staff can record simply using their voice via desktop, mobile or tablet, and easily share, prioritize and track files.

Industry-leading, easy to use and accessible on-the-go, digital dictation and speech recognition tools free up your teams to focus on more important tasks.

Harness the power of voice, with BigHand Dictate and BigHand Speech Recognition.

The Big Benefits

Eliminate hours of unnecessary admin work

by having one central, streamlined digital worklflow - busy professionals can dictate and transcribe their voice notes on the go, and seamlessly add them into the digital workstream for the support staff to pick up and action.

Increase productivity

by giving your teams the freedom to dictate on the go using their smartphone, and freeing up overworked support staff from the time-consuming job of manual transcription.

Streamline your processes

by having a clear digital audit trail of all dictations and transcriptions, as well as the ability for everyone to see where jobs are up to across the business at any given time.

Save money and increase profits

Get a return an investment by empowering your staff to focus on more valued work.

Dictate better, transcribe smarter, work more efficiently - speaking is faster than typing

Dictation made simple

BigHand Dictate not only offers industry leading digital dictation - The solution’s powerful configurable workflows make it easy and efficient for your teams to track, share, prioritize and action voice files, vastly improving turnaround times and making your internal processes much more streamlined.

Quick and easy solution for law firms

“Embrace digital dictation as much as possible – the most important thing about it is it will make your life an awful lot easier.” - Nick Rumsby, Corporate Partner, Linklaters

Powerful Speech Recognition software

BigHand Speech Recognition technology automatically converts voice into text, meaning your staff can create whole documents just by using their voice. Smart, sophisticated, yet extremely simply to use, our industry-leading software builds up a speech profile for each user's voice, with 99% accuracy.

Give your teams the right tools to work on the go

BigHand Go is the most advanced suite of mobile dictation applications on the market. Empower your busy professionals with a fully-featured digital application for all mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Windows devices.

Our years of experience make the roll-out a straight-forward process

From concept to completion
At BigHand, implementation of your product is a streamlined, transparent process. We begin with an audit, working with your team to determine your unique requirements. Throughout, you’ll receive regular reports and updates so the implementation is as open and transparent as possible, and a team of BigHanders will provide ongoing support and training.


Digital dictation for small to medium firms

Speed up document production, boost productivity, and free up your teams with our cost-effective, easily set up solutions with BigHand Professional.

Our BigHand Dictate software has helped organizations just like yours

See how our award-winning voice solutions can help your business

We're more than just a Digital Dictation provider - explore our other dynamic solutions

Template management

Take the time and effort out of creating high-quality, consistent, and compliant branded documents by using automated templates.

Task delegation

Digital workstreams makes delegation easy - teams have a constant stream of work tailored to their skillset, and you have visibility of workloads and staff utilisation.

Digital Dictation is only one part of the puzzle

True operational excellence can only be achieved by streamlining all areas of your business. Why not explore our other solutions today?