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1. Get Better Visibility of Your Support Services Function

Continued support staff attrition, ever-evolving work policies and increased pressure from clients for cost-effective service has made more traditional support structures and processes increasingly inefficient

2. Give Your Talent Access to Career Enhancing Opportunities

With demand for legal work expected to decline further this year, firms must place greater focus on client engagement and outstanding legal service delivery. Clients expect the best talent working on their matters at every level and want strong, long-standing relationships with their legal teams. But, with both partner and associate-level attrition on the rise

3. Streamline Your Document Creation Process

Documents are the core of a legal firm, but the process of creating them takes a lot of time, resources and attention to detail from your employees. A recent client survey found that both mid & large size firms can save 4 hours per week simply by

4. Give Your Lawyers Access to Key Financial & Operational Data

2023 results have been described as “tepid” and “flat-ish” for law firms, influenced by a multitude of factors such as poor scoping of work, spiraling write-offs and a higher cost base.

5. Build Accurate, Trackable Matter Budgets

Law firm clients are becoming increasingly cost conscious, leading to increased demand for pricing, transparency, flexibility and better communication throughout the matter lifecycle. A recent survey revealed that 30% of firms have seen increased demand for matter budgets in the last 12 months.

6. Manage Metadata Effectively and Securely

Maintaining privacy and security is important for every firm to keep reputation and trust with clients. Metadata contains confidential information such as sensitive information about clients, cases, strategies, and internal processes.

7. Keep Your Partners and Firm Informed on Firm Activities Across Various Systems

Across every team in your firm, managing multiple concurrent activities – and keeping teams informed of what’s happening in real-time - can be a considerable challenge. The key to success lies in ensuring that the right teams have access to the right info at the right time.

8. Streamline Your Budgeting Process

The intricacies of budgeting can often pose a daunting challenge, especially when essential data is not at hand. The key to unlocking financial success lies in streamlining the budgeting process

9. Transform and Visualize Your Timecard Data

Clients are demanding more from their law firms than ever before – and are prepared to take their business elsewhere if they don’t get it. And it’s not only more flexible pricing options and cost-transparency they’re after.

10. Automate Your Partner Compensation Review

Partners play a pivotal role in your firm’s success, often fueling your competitive advantage, but the process of reviewing and comparing their performance data can be a time-consuming challenge. Furthermore, determining how partners are being compensated for profitable actions adds another layer of complexity to the equation.

11. Digitize Your Billing Processes

Many firms are currently facing slower collection timeframes due to client’s prolonging payment as much as possible. What’s more, clients are demanding better communication and greater transparency from their lawyers, but only 40% of firms currently provide their associates with billing information

12. Automate the Timekeeping Process in Your Law Firms

With so many ongoing matters and valued client projects, it can be difficult for your timekeepers to accurately track their billable hours. The manual process of timekeeping not only consumes valuable resources but also poses a challenge in accurately tracking time.

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