Automate the timekeeping process in your Law Firms

With so many ongoing matters and valued client projects, it can be difficult for your timekeepers to accurately track their billable hours. The manual process of timekeeping not only consumes valuable resources but also poses a challenge in accurately tracking time. Why is this crucial? Well, not only does it mitigate the risk of write-offs, but it also expedites payment for lawyers, enhances job satisfaction, and, ultimately, contributes to increased overall profits for the firm. 

Automating the timekeeping process can help you drive profits through:
  1. Automated time entry.
    Tools that assist timekeepers in tracking their activities can also pre-populate their time entries for tasks like attending meetings, handling phone calls, and creating/editing documents. This translates to a significantly less manual effort, ensuring that billable hours are not only accurately recorded but also provide valuable insights. By identifying areas where time is spent, firms can make informed decisions about resource allocation, ultimately focusing on more lucrative projects.
  2. Quicker manager approvals.
    Accurate billable hours mean quicker approvals from managers. With an automated system in place, the submission and approval process becomes more efficient. Managers can spend less time on the back-and-forth of submissions and resubmissions, freeing up more time for billable work. This streamlined workflow contributes directly to increased productivity and faster revenue realization. 

  3. Better transparency for clients.
    With the growing demand of transparency of services from clients, being able to share what’s been worked and where time is spent during the project will help build trust and a sense of reassurance, leading to less write-offs and better customer satisfaction. A transparent approach to timekeeping is a win-win – clients are satisfied, and firms can maintain profitability. 

Here’s what leading industry experts are saying on this topic:

BigHand SmartTime is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the timekeeping process in your law firm by automating time capture and time entry.

Your timekeepers can finalize accurate AI-generated timesheets in minutes, not hours. The billable hour accuracy and time saved help reduce write-offs, get you paid faster, and as a result, help generate more revenue. 

  • Automate and streamline timekeeping 
  • Increase billable time easily 
  • Convert WIP to payment quicker 
  • Reduce back and forth and lost time 
  • Work between devices 
Product Video - SmartTime
Here’s BigHand SmartTime in action:

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