Get better visibility of your support services function

Continued support staff attrition, ever-evolving work policies and increased pressure from clients for cost-effective service has made more traditional support structures and processes increasingly inefficient – ultimately resulting in lower profits and poorer client service. In response, a growing number of firms are implementing new processes and technologies to gain greater visibility into their support processes – helping them to make data-driven improvements to these. 63% are actively highlighting this to current and potential clients to demonstrate how they are operating efficiently. 

Better visibility of your support processes
can help you to drive profits by: 

  1. Increasing billable hours. 
    One quarter of firms say their lawyers are undertaking more administrative work themselves due to hybrid working.  Real-time visibility on who’s delegating what allows you to redirect administrative work away from lawyers, freeing up more time for lawyers to focus on higher-value work. 

  2. Improving turnaround times for work.
    In a hybrid working world, traditional delegation methods are made even more inefficient. A centralized view of all current support tasks, including deadlines, priorities, and workload management facilitates easy collaboration, deadline management, and enables management to identify bottlenecks slowing down task completion. 

  3. Providing excellent client service.
    Visibility of who is working on what and when ensures your support staff focus on tasks aligned with their skills, capacity, and deadlines, preventing oversights and delays. This not only improves employee satisfaction by aligning work with skill sets, but also satisfies clients by delivering timely and cost-effective results. 

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How can you help your firm achieve this?

With BigHand Workflow Management, you can automate task delegation ensuring that work is routed to the right resource at the right cost and gain complete visibility over who is working on what to make ongoing, informed changes to your support processes. Here are just some of the big benefits: 

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Here’s a sneak peek into some of the top features of BigHand Workflow Management:

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