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BigHand's Insights to Action Webinar Series

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BigHand's Insights to Action Webinar Series

74% of law firms report increasing client demands for legal work to be completed by the most cost-effective resource. How is your firm managing client engagement and talent retention in the face of economic challenges?

BigHand’s latest market research, "Retaining Clients, Profit, and Lawyers with Proactive Talent Management”, reveals the latest insights into employees’ evolving expectations, the impact of hybrid working on both work allocation and knowledge sharing, and the growing importance of insight-led DEI strategies, offering strategies to maintain the right mix of skills amid a global downturn.

Learn more about BigHand’s latest market insights and how BigHand can help your law firm in the Insights to Action webinar sessions. View on demand videos below or fill out the form to request a personalized demo.

Meet the Speakers
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Alex Tring
Global Head of Consulting, Resource Management, BigHand
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Alex Trodd
Senior Lead Consultant - Resource Management ,
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Dave Cook
Global Director, Resource Management, BigHand
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Vanessa Jerrom
Lead Consultant, Resource Management, BigHand
Webinar Recordings
Balance Matter Profitability With The Needs Of Clients And Lawyers Frame At 0M2s
Balancing Matter Profitability with the Needs of Clients and Lawyers

In today's legal landscape, client demands are on the rise, and potential write-offs are a growing concern. Maintaining matter profitability while improving hours billed is paramount, but it should not come at the expense of lawyers' work-life balance.

Join our webinar with legal experts, Alex Tring and Kim Todd, as we explore strategies to effectively manage work distribution and enhance matter profitability without compromising the well-being of your legal team.

Join the webinar and find out:

  • Innovative approaches to distribute workloads more evenly across your legal professionals to avoid overworking some and underutilizing others.
  • Strategies for balancing matter profitability while delivering high-quality work and safeguarding lawyer work-life balance.
  • How optimizing work distribution can lead to increased billable hours, faster project delivery, and stronger client relationships.
  • How BigHand Resource Management is paving the way for effective work allocation at law firms.

We’ll be taking a closer look into our latest report findings and showcasing BigHand’s Resource Management technology. Relevant for Operations and Innovation job roles, this is a must-see session for firms looking to improve their work allocation while driving profits!

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Build Stronger Client Relationships With Effective Resource Management
Build Stronger Client Relationships with Effective Resource Management

Did you know that 74% of firms are experiencing increased demand and pressure from clients for legal work to be done by the most cost-effective resource? In today's legal landscape, retaining clients is crucial for maintaining profitability, especially when faced with shifting demand.

During this comprehensive webinar, our legal experts will dive into the latest findings of our research report and give you essential strategies on how your firm can build stronger client relationships through an effective resource management approach. Find out about:

  • Gain insights into fostering client trust through transparent legal work handling.
  • Learn why 85% of firms are receiving greater pressure from clients to resource matters with diversity in mind.
  • Explore how to improve your legal team's performance by choosing the best-skilled lawyers and avoid blind delegation with the right processes and technology.
  • Discover strategies for managing and evolving client teams effectively and find out ways to ensure continuity and client satisfaction.

Relevant for Managing Partners, Practice Group Leaders, Knowledge Management and DEI roles, this is a session not to be missed!

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Insights To Actions Webinar 2
Future-Proof Your Law Firm by Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent

Over two-fifths (42%) of firms have seen an increase in attrition and lateral hiring at the partner level over the past 12 months, rising to 49% of firms at the associate level.

Staff retention is still a challenge. While the explosion in lateral hiring seen over the past two years has reduced slightly, law firms continue to lose both senior people and their associated clients. In this dynamic landscape, firms are seeking innovative approaches to remain competitive and enhance their talent retention efforts.

During this webinar experts Alex Tring and Vanessa Jerrom will offer insights on how your firm can uncover solutions to address attrition challenges and position yourselves as a competitive workplace.

Rewatch the webinar to learn:

  • Cost-effective methods to retain your legal talent, reducing the need for frequent lateral hiring and the associated costs.
  • How to provide equal access to career-enhancing opportunities for your staff and ways to align with individual employee improvement goals.
  • The importance of data and visibility to offer more flexible and hybrid working policies that accommodate the evolving needs of your legal professionals.
  • How employee retention plays a pivotal role in maintaining consistency in client relationships.

Relevant for Practice Group Leaders, Resource Management, HR, and Attorney Development job titles, this is a must-attend session!

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Haven't read the insights?

In the midst of an economic downturn, law firms globally are being challenged on several fronts from profit to client engagement and talent retention. Lawyers are a law firm’s most valuable asset and attitudes towards work have changed with hybrid working in place.

To better support the legal market with these challenges and understand law firms’ progress in achieving better resource management, during May 2023 BigHand gathered a total of 825 responses from law firm leaders, operations teams, HR and resource managers/ work allocation teams from firms of 50+ lawyers from North America and the UK. Explore our latest market insights to delve deeper into the identified trends and discoveries.