Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers switch to BigHand Digital Dictation

BigHand digital dictation, workflow and advanced mobility offering drive Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers to switch providers.

Cooper Grace Ward, one of the largest independent Brisbane based law firms, with a team of more than 200, has selected BigHand as its digital dictation platform. BigHand is replacing the firm’s incumbent digital dictation solution and providing additional mobile functionality which will transform current document production processes, driving gains in both productivity and efficiency.

Cooper Grace Ward will be using the BigHand core digital dictation and workflow solution, as well as advanced mobility platform functionality.

Cooper Grace Ward is known for its outstanding client service and internal culture setting them apart from other law firms. They see the use of the most up to date technology as an enabler and key differentiator to deliver innovative and cost effective services to clients at both a local and national level, hence the move to BigHand digital dictation and workflow software.

“Giving lawyers the ability to produce documentation effectively while on the go, not only improves efficiency but provides better service for clients,” says Miz Brmbota, Manager of IT & Knowledge at Cooper Grace Ward.

“Our existing product was experiencing some stability issues and difficulty with upgrades. On top of that, we had limited mobile capabilities and decided to speak with BigHand as they’re considered the market leaders in dictation. After discussing our requirements with BigHand and designing a proposed solution, the decision to switch was easy," says Brmbota.

BigHand is currently being implemented at Cooper Grace Ward, with the rollout almost complete. The firm chose BigHand as the software will provide them gains in both efficiency and productivity with the BigHand core workflow. In addition, the mobile functionality will allow fee earners to streamline and expedite their document production process without the need for additional resources.

“So far, the support we have had from BigHand has been fantastic. The sales process, implementation and training have all been stress free and expertly handled by the team at BigHand."

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