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Intellistat Financial Reporting A tool for the complex reporting requirements of your law firm


Rapid deployment. Intuitive design. Secure distribution. Intellistat Financial Reporting meets the complex reporting requirements of your law firm as an FRX replacement for generation and distribution of your financial statements and custom reports. Whether viewing a financial statement, or understanding the reasons behind increasing profits, Intellistat Financial Reporting provides the exact information you and your teams require.

The Big Benefits

  • Customizable reports, with user-based access settings
  • Integrated with your Active Directory security system, supporting group-based security
  • Navigation, report menu options, and report menu appearances are all configurable and customizable
  • Snapshot, live data, working, and custom report types available
  • Create automated, recurring reports
  • One-touch exports to excel, pdf, and print

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Intellistat Financial Reporting History

Key Features

Turn report requests into opportunities to impress your partners

Effortlessly design accurate and engaging reports by choosing a variety of intuitive, customizable report definitions. The drill-down and drill-around capabilities allow for virtually unlimited presentation possibilities.

Easily create fabulous, informative reports

We believe you should focus on providing accurate information to the people who need it. By using your existing Active Directory security model, Intellistat Financial Reporting only provides visibility to data based on the viewer’s assigned security.

Focus on the information, not our application

Our Report Viewer Portal provides a highly intuitive and appealing way to view your financial reports in a browser. No software to install, no interface to learn.

24/7 US-based Support Team

Know that no matter what deadlines you’re under, our 24/7 US-based Support Team is ready. Count on us for the support you need to get your job done.

Key Benefits

Report Types

Drill-down and drill-through reporting allow easy research into the stories behind the numbers. Intellistat Financial Reporting supports a range of processing options, including Snapshot (frozen) and Live (real-time) Data, to deliver exactly the information you need when you need it.

One-Touch Exports

Need more than portal-based viewing of reports? Our reporting tool provides simple, secure export into Excel spreadsheets while optimizing formatting and usability, including a hyperlinked cover sheet and named tabs. Fit-to-width options for PDF and print produce reports that look as good on paper or PDF as they do on screen.


Intellistat Financial Reporting is fully integrated with your firm’s Active Directory security system. Logon credentials are passed to SSRS allowing full utilization of access security. Plus, we take it a step further with a security and distribution model that easily ensures the right people see the right information.


The Queue Manager balances the demand on your server resources by scheduling reports to run when other demands are low. Queue Manager will create and deliver Snapshot reports according to your schedule—monthly, weekly, daily, or one time. Specify Report Sets, Report Queues, Report Selection, Delivery Location, and Financial Period.

Transaction Drill Down

Drill Down on financial line items to securely access the underlying transaction level of detail directly from journal entries, check details, or AP vouchers.

Dependent on FRx?

Protect your investment in FRx and avoid costly recreation of existing reports with our FRx Conversion tool. Intellistat Financial Reporting’s unmatched conversion utility converts almost all FRx reports. Once converted, they’ll run up to ten times (10X) faster.

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