Product Video: BigHand Pitching and Proposals

Video Transcript:

The way in which clients choose prospective law firms is changing. Legal experience alone is not enough to win new business. Law firms must be able to demonstrate why they are the best choice for the job at hand, while delivering added value and excellent client care.

Fundamental to this success is the ability to produce compelling pitching and proposal documentation that proves why they are the best choice. Not to mention, making sure the branding is consistent and always contains the most up-to-date, persuasive information about the firm, its lawyers and its credentials.

It’s a vital step, and a time consuming one. To streamline the process law firms need to provide their Lawyers, Business Development, Bids, Pursuits, Marketing and Support teams with technology that is quick and easy to use with minimal training and can be easily maintained without depending on your IT team.

BigHand Pitching and Proposals is an advanced legal solution with a searchable data warehouse for optimised experience management. The solution allows your teams to access relevant expertise and evidence across the firm and present it in professional, powerful pitch documents that simplify Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

The fully customisable ribbon is logically organised to guide the user through the various phases of document creation, styling and production.

It’s easy to manage the centralised templates to ensure consistency. They can be selected via the customisable Template Launcher, with a handy wizard to capture all the relevant document information in one form.

It’s easy for users to add pre-approved content into fully branded documents and to use the search functionality to find multiple up-to-date biographies on the most appropriate lawyer for the pitch

RFP or RFI questions can be pasted into a dialogue which ensures they are rendered appropriately to suit the branded response document.

Fully searchable repositories of pre-approved content enable the user to quickly insert up-to-date Practice information, including images, text and charts including organisational breakdowns.

In addition, the image library ensures only approved, on-brand, risk-free images are made available, and can be organised in a folder structure for ease of selection, as well as a shape library for the firm’s iconography.

Directory submissions are simplified with templates that are easy to populate with pre-approved timely information about the firm.

PowerPoint presentations are also easily taken care of with the same easy-to-use templates, pre-approved content and production functionality.

The web application provides ‘one source of the truth’ centralising the firm’s marketing collateral, with a range of admin permission levels.

The home page contains high-level information on current proposals and progress toward classification of new experience records per department

Pitch tracking can be enabled to allow pitches to be allocated to an opportunity pipeline, broken down into custom stages, providing visibility of the status and easy access to related documentation, team members and information.

Authorised users can easily edit firm information such as lawyer details, biographies, Testimonials and Awards so that content is always kept up to date.

Expiry dates for content and pitch stages can also be set with the option to schedule email reminders to prompt for updates as expiry approaches.

Experience records can be imported regularly, then tagged and classified to ensure that continuously up-to-date expertise information can be fed into future pitches

Seeing the progress of pitches and experience classification provides management with visibility of the status of in-flight pitches and the tagging of new experience records.

Data can be surfaced as reports, whether in excel, Power BI or otherwise and can be sliced and diced to suit the firms needs.

In the familiar Microsoft Office environment, with our many integrations to popular systems, implementation and training is simple, fast and transparent.

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