Make your data work for you

Stop wasting valuable time collating this data and make things simple. Gain the autonomy to assess your own data and make informed decisions with better business intelligence.

Advanced BI will provide a firm’s business leaders with a higher level of understanding and accelerate decision-making.


Better business intelligence at your fingertips

Easily access all of your valuable data in one secure place with BigHand Quantum, our flexible and configurable BI reporting solution

Visualise firm-wide intelligence 

Help to illuminate understanding around practitioner utilisation and client retention rates.


Access individual, partner or practice group data

Utilise advanced BI to highlight current performance to target metrics for hours, billings, and collections.

Assess client-specific intelligence

Comprehend all data related to a client including open invoices, relationship history, and types of services contracted.


Helping you achieve operational excellence

Plan and price competitively

Profit more, by tracking matter budgets in real-time and using existing data to price future work quickly and consistently.

Optimise your support services

Get visibility over your support team – your firm’s third largest cost – and make sure they’re working quickly and efficiently.