Document Stamping A quicker and easier way to organize, store, identify and retrieve documents.


BigHand Document Stamping is a flexible tool that allows organizations to create consistency across all Microsoft Word and Excel documentation in order to prepare for audits and achieve record keeping compliance more easily as well as automate the insertion of the ID footer. This can be across all documents or alternatively, you can set different rules for different types of document, different departments, or even per individual.

The Big Benefits

  • Centrally administer document IDs to avoid individual user effort
  • Control how document IDs are used and what information is contained in them
  • Automate document identifier insertion, streamlining the workflow process
  • Set company standards for document identification, helping to improve document archiving, control and management

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See BigHand Document Stamping in action

Product Video - Document Creation - US

See BigHand Document Stamping in action

Learn how BigHand Document Creation allows users to utilize firm-approved templates, easily format legal documents, add document stamping and more in this 4 minute video.

Key Features

Seamless Integration

Integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel, iManage Work, OpenText / DM, NetDocuments and Worldox  

Enhanced DMS Integration

Integrates with document management systems: iManage Work, NetDocuments ndOffice and OpenText eDocs DM  

Automated Integration

Integrates with document management systems for automatic storage and to achieve recordkeeping compliance 

Precise Recordkeeping

Automatic stamping of documents helps to achieve accurate, recordkeeping compliance across the firm 

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