Improve document archiving, control and management

Preparing for audits can be a stressful, expensive process. Maintaining professional consistency requires constant vigilance. And finding tools that can integrate with your organisation’s systems while meeting your documentation needs can be difficult.

Don’t allow your teams to become frustrated with a lack of functionality. Your document stamping should be flexible, integrate seamlessly with other softwares, and most importantly be reliable.

A configurable and centrally-managed solution gives you the administrative power you need to achieve higher standards and a more professional process.

Create consistency across your organisation, with better record-keeping, improved compliance and a much more efficient way of working. Our document stamping solution makes it quicker and easier to organise, store, identify and retrieve documents.

Set better standards, with BigHand Document Stamping.

The Big Benefits

Improve company standards

as well as compliance and professional appearance through easy, efficient document identification.

Stop wasting money and time

on inconsistent documenting, with document IDs automatically set up for your teams to access.

Gain greater control

over the information you wish to include in each document ID.

Streamline workflow processes

through automated document identifier insertions.

Take control of your archives and professional appearance

Configurable to your needs

With BigHand Document Stamping, everything from footer placement, the information displayed and whether the footer remains when the document is saved, sent or printed is under your teams’ control. Settings can be managed centrally and distributed globally, or you can give people the flexibility to make updates on a case-by-case basis.

Our solution also lets management control all aspects including formatting rules, user options, template specific settings and default behaviour.

Simple, easy-to-use add-on to your Microsoft suite

The BigHand Document Stamping ribbon is available in Microsoft Word and Excel so that your staff can make changes to the Document Stamping footer as they work. The ribbon is shown as default but you can hide specific buttons from users if you want to restrict their permissions.

Remove troublesome legacy information

Documents that contain legacy document ID can be automatically updated to BigHand Document Stamping when used. BigHand Document Stamping allows for the automated removal of old document identifiers at the same time as inserting a new, unique identifier.

Making tasks quick, simple and pain-free

“BigHand is at the core of automating what I call our ‘interna post apparatus’ - It’s all about making those arguably mundane but time-consuming tasks seamless." - Cripps Solicitors

Let us help you achieve operational excellence

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