Insights to Action Series

Balance Matter Profitability with the Needs of Clients and Lawyers

Join our legal experts, Alex Tring and Kim Todd, as we explore strategies to effectively manage work distribution and enhance matter profitability without compromising the well-being of your legal team.

Thought Leadership Webinars

Strategies for the New Year: Unlocking Profitability through Data Visibility and Commercial Acumen

Join us on December 6th for a discussion with Business Intelligence experts, Rod Wittenberg and George Egford, on how your firm can provide increased data visibility to drive growth, and start the new year armed with the right metrics to drive profitability.

Product Demo Webinars

Resource Management Product Preview

Find out how BigHand Resource Management allows you to identify your resources, forecast utilization, and manage workloads.

Matter Pricing Product Preview

Learn how pricing teams and lawyers can achieve better financial outcomes through data-driven budgets and costs, with BigHand Matter Pricing.

Training Webinars

Dictating documents using Dragon Medical One (DMO)

Create documentation quicker and reduce turnaround times

BigHand System Administration Console

Administer your BigHand environment more efficiently

Looking to see a product demo?

Keypoint Container Product Preview Series

Looking to see a product demo?

Head to our Product Preview Series page to see all of our upcoming product demos

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