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BigHand Workflow (for clients)

BigHand Now Workflow: How to submit a task

Wednesday, 17 March, 4:00pm GMT

Designed for Authors/Transcribers/Team Leaders - This session explains how to use BigHand Now to get work to the right person/team and improve efficiency.

• Introduction to the product
• Submitting a task using the BigHand Now Desktop Assistant
• Submitting a task using the BigHand Hub Client
• Adding attachments and completing the form linked to a task
• Submitting a Now task using a mobile device


BigHand Now Form Designer

Wednesday, 14 April, 4:00pm GMT

Creating forms and work types for BigHand Now. Learn how to create and manage your BigHand Now forms.

• Demonstration of submitting a task in BigHand Now
• Creating a form and configuring fields
• Creating a work type and linking it to the created form
• Testing the new form in BigHand Now

Speech Recognition in the Hub

Wednesday, 12 May, 4:00pm GMT

Getting the most out of Speech Recognition - Producing legal work using BigHand Speech Recognition.

• Dictation essentials
• Building a voice profile
• Speech Recognition proofreading process
• Document production options


BigHand for Healthcare (for clients)


Dictating with BigHand - Setup and Refresher Training for Clinicians

Wednesday, 9 June, 4:00pm GMT

Working with Clinic Builder and the Doc Console. Speed up the turnaround time of producing patient documents.

• Adjusting hardware and audio settings
• Creating dictations with/without Clinic Builder
• Dictation features e.g. Insert/Bookmarks/Priorities
• Approving documents using the Doc Console
• Dictating on a mobile device