Consulting For Your Future

Our consulting team are the market leaders in delivering resource management structures to law firms and legal departments. We’ve been there since the beginning, having introduced the first such function in the industry to a Magic Circle law firm. From there we’ve gone on to run more than 20 pilot projects with leading, global law firms, with 100% of projects transitioning to an embedded business-as-usual structure.

Our comprehensive step-by-step process dedicated to the design and delivery of a bespoke and targeted solution is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of your business. It begins with consultation and engagement at every level to enable us to go on to design an approach which is tailor made for each firm and team.

Once we’ve engaged and consulted, designed a fit for purpose process and signed off agreed parameters and methodology with our client, we then gather all of the data required to operate the process. But we don’t stop there. We then use our extensive experience to demonstrate the power of effective resource management first hand and once the future direction is determined, we support clients in transitioning to a structure which they can manage themselves.


Our Delivery Model

Benefits driven from our approach
Three core areas of your will benefit from our resource management solutions – your people, your clients, and business productivity


  • Improved staff engagement and satisfaction
  • Career development support
  • Understanding of where specific expertise and relationships are across the firm
  • An impartial and objective process
  • Retention and attraction


  • Always have the most appropriate lawyers working on their matters
  • Wider diversity of lawyers working on their behalf – with data to back it up
  • Evidence that firms are managing their resources efficiently and appropriately
  • Value for money through efficient workflow


  • Track and monitor your teams’ activities to better utilise people and teams
  • The right work goes to the right place to maximise profitability
  • Real-time view of capacity and activity to helps manage resources
  • Smoother remote working is enabled, facilitates real time work sharing across multiple locations

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