Iridium-Intellistat Merger: Ten Months Running Down the Road

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The Iridium-DFTech merger brought me to Iridium and added our Intellistat and Steere product families to the company’s growing portfolio of solutions engineered specifically for professional services firms. We all know that integrating two companies is not easy—our integration plan included more than 150 separate tasks—but so far so good. Very good, in fact, so we think it’s a good time to provide an update:  

Our clients have been extremely supportive about the move as evidenced by the fact that many have continued making investments by licensing additional products. Many joined us at our (Re)Union Virtual User Conference, and they continue to connect at our user group meetings, a familiar concept for our Steere product clients which has also been adopted for many Iridium and Intellistat solutions. 

Our employees have also settled in. They all seem to be extremely comfortable with Iridium’s culture as it is very similar to the culture we had at DFTech. We expected it would be a very good fit and that definitely seems to be the case. 

In terms of products, we continue to fully support all Intellistat and Steere products and are continuing to work to improve them all. We’ve also made some productive moves in regard to product integration: 

  • Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting now includes integration with the revenue metrics from Iridium BI’s Revenue Cube to aid in revenue modeling in budgets and forecasts.  
  • Intellistat Partner Performance & Compensation Portal now includes metrics from Iridium BI’s Revenue Cube and profitability data from Iridium BI’s Profit Cube. More accessible revenue and profitability information makes it easier for users to rate their professionals’ performance while making compensation decisions. 
  • Steere Alert Manager can now provide alerts based on data from Iridium BI’s revenue and matter cubes. The upcoming release of AlertManager 4.0, will include the ability to generate alerts not only from Iridium’s cubes, but from any custom data cube that a client may leverage. 

The Iridium-DF Tech merger was primarily about creating the broadest BI and financial analytics product footprint in the legal industry and we are proud of our success on that front. We are thrilled, however, that the merger has also been so good for our product development, our employees, and especially our clients.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the integrations we’ve created between product families, or would like a demo, please contact us

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