It's never been easier to create fully compliant, branded templates

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool, but it’s all too easy to end up with inconsistent layouts and frustrating formatting issues. This not only wastes time internally, but presents an unprofessional image externally.

Creating high-quality, consistent documents, quickly and efficiently, can be a burden for your staff. Whether it’s a simple memo or a complex agreement, it can waste hours of valuable time for your teams to maintain your internal QA standards and corporate brand.

Why not automate the process? Give your teams a quick, easy way to design and deploy in-house document templates and let your people work in a more self-sufficient way without the need for support, with the correct template for the job, every time.

Save time, effort and money that can be reinvested in higher value areas. Make template management quick and easy with BigHand Template Management.

See how BigHand Document Creation helps simplify Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for streamlined legal document production

The Big Benefits

Save time and money

when your staff can produce fully compliant, branded documents quickly, easily and self-sufficiently, with minimal training.

Fully automated and compliant

instantly generating the correct document template for the job.

Fully configurable

making it easy to deploy new templates and precedents with our Word-based designer app.

Integrates with platforms

such as DMS, CRM, case management systems, SQL databases and web services, without leaving Word or writing a single line of code.

High-quality, high-speed documents at the
touch of a button

Smart template automation with BigHand Template Management

Allow your team to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in its simplest form. Create, manage, customize and distribute documents, all while following your organization’s formatting best practices. Keep documents clear, consistent and compliant, and save your staff the time and expense of formatting them manually.

Save $12,888 per year

Following a survey of users, we found BigHand Template Management decreases the time it takes to create a new document by an average of 69%, saving each user an average of $12,888

Quick access to formatting features

Master formatting features like numbering and styling. Anyone can create documents quickly, easily and in a compliant manner, with no training needed. Help your teams work in a more self-sufficient manner and produce documents without external production assistance, freeing up time to work on more valuable projects.

Leave your stamp on important documents

Quickly and easily store, organise, identify and retrieve key documents. Automatically stamp documents with key information like author, title, creation date and version number, and standardise them across all departments, saving time wasted searching for missing documents.

Saves between 1.5 to 4 hours per day

A survey of 155 BigHand Document Styling clients found that, on average, each user saves between 1.5 to 4 hours of document formatting time per day.


From concept to completion.
At BigHand, implementation of your product is a streamlined, transparent process. We begin with an audit, working with your team to determine your unique requirements. Throughout, you’ll receive regular reports and updates so the implementation is as open and transparent as possible, and a team of BigHanders will provide ongoing support and training.

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