Leading law firm ensure first-class support service with BigHand investment

Myerson Solicitors has invested in BigHand’s task delegation and management solution, BigHand Workflow Management, as part of the firm’s objectives to optimise its legal support function.

Myerson Solicitors is an award-winning, independent law firm based in the Cheshire market town of Altrincham, with a team of 20 partners and over 100 staff. Founded over 35 years ago, the leading law firm have experienced sustained organic growth in recent years and has invested in BigHand’s task delegation and management solution, BigHand Workflow Management. The software ensures the firms support function is fully optimised to meet the demands of the business and deliver a first-class client service.

Gordon Harper, IT Manager at Myerson explains, “Myerson has quickly grown its people headcount across Fee Earning departments and Business Services to meet client demand and increase in new instructions, which has meant further need to deliver work quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining visibility on the live status of a task.  With BigHand Workflow Management, Myerson is able to ensure the continued smooth running of the practice, allowing the firm to utilise support staff effectively, ensuring that work is sent to the right resource and costed accurately.  With this level of insight, the firm’s management can make informed business decisions to ensure resources are continuously optimised and delivered to an exceptional standard every time, setting the firm apart from its competitors.”

Fee earners within the firm currently use a variety of methods to delegate work, including; email, telephone, dictation and, in some cases, using paper forms.  With BigHand Workflow Management, tasks can be created quickly and effortlessly by completing a pre-configured form which gathers all the relevant information first time around, saving time and costs across the board.

The firm has also chosen to implement the task management solution after a successful project deploying BigHand Speech Recognition, which increased efficiencies significantly, no longer requiring legal secretaries to transcribe dictations. 

With the introduction of BigHand Speech Recognition, much of the manual typing tasks were removed, and instead, the Secretaries only needed to proofread the transcription. This in turn resulted in more time being made available to dedicate to higher value, billable matters and further new clients.  This software implementation led the firm to change the Secretary roles to that of Legal PA’s, with more responsibility for more varied legal work.

Harper comments, “The firm has been really impressed with the efficiency gains made from BigHand Speech Recognition.  Previously, the Legal Secretaries would spend up to 70% of their time completing typing tasks, leaving them with little time to help with other legal work.  Since the rollout, this percentage is much lower and this has had a noticeable, positive, impact in the service we deliver to clients.”

With BigHand Speech Recognition in place, the implementation of BigHand Workflow Management was the obvious next step for the firm, to ensure its support resource is fully optimised and cost efficient.

Harper concludes, “Myerson prides itself on its outstanding people, who enable the firm to provide an enthusiastic and unrivalled high-quality service to its clients.  The firm’s people strategy has always been an important focus, whilst aiming to consistently deliver quality service. These implementations are just a part of Myerson’s strategic plan to continue to grow profitably over the next three to five years into a £17m revenue firm, employing 170 staff.  The investment with BigHand has been key to ensuring the firm’s client service delivery remains first-class and that the firm is ready for the future with the right processes in place.  BigHand have worked with Myerson to understand its objectives and assure a reputation as a valued partner.”

About BigHand Workflow Management

To provide the best client service while supporting your bottom line, it’s vital to ensure your teams are working efficiently and smartly. Ineffective and outdated methods of delegating tasks makes it easy for things to be overlooked, means your workforce isn’t properly optimised, your tasks aren’t being delivered on time, and your bottom line is suffering as a result. BigHand Workflow Management is a task management solution that lets you turn your tasks into fully auditable, digital workflow entries. You can create tasks from voice, email, electronic or paper-based requests – from document production requests to reprographics and travel bookings.

BigHand Workflow Management