BigHand is the new home of Digitory Legal
Digitory’s data & cost analytics platform has enhanced both BigHand’s Resource Management and Matter Pricing products

What's the story?

Digitory Legal joined BigHand in August of 2022, read the full news release here. Digitory Legal is an award-winning cost analytics platform designed to help law firms and in-house legal departments leverage their data to succeed in an evolving legal market. Features of the Digitory product are now part of BigHand's Resource Management and Matter Pricing products.

Resource Management

Digitory's diversity analytics have helped improve BigHand's existing Resource Management Product.

Matter Pricing

BigHand's Matter Pricing tool is further enhanced by Digitory's time card analytics which are used to predict and refine future pricing.

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Analyze Billing Data

Digitory's AI-enabled data analytics platform uses past data to predict and refine the future pricing. Law firms and clients can create cost effective pricing models by understanding what complex matters should cost and why at a task level.

Monitor & Manage Costs

Once a fair and reasonable budget is agreed, we help customers monitor and manage costs over time to maintain profitability and meet client demands for cost transparency.

Strengthen Communication

No more surprises! Cost-over-time mapping, actual-to-budget tracking, dashboards and collaboration features promote communication and transparency between law firms and clients.

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Law Firms

Your clients are demanding greater cost transparency, fixed fee arrangements and budget caps on complex engagements.

  • Data Analytics: Effectively scope fee arrangements by analyzing your historical billing data to create profitable pricing models.

  • Managed Services: Efficiently monitor engagements with accurate billing data, timely updates and alerts, and task level-detail.

  • Guidelines Compliance: Improve billing narrative quality to prevent bill rejection and write offs.

  • Unprecedented budget accuracy.

  • Profitable pricing models and clearly-scoped project plans that promote efficiency.

  • Cutting-edge technology that can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems.

In-House Legal Teams

Corporate legal departments are experiencing increasing cost scrutiny and budgetary restrictions on their legal spend.

  • Data Analytics: Determine the best value pricing in your RFP and panel processes using our UTBMS+ coding methodology.

  • Managed Services: Identify resourcing inefficiencies to reduce spend while preserving quality legal services.

  • Guidelines Compliance: Refine diversity, cost transparency and compliance

  • Unprecedented budget accuracy.

  • Profitable pricing models and clearly-scoped project plans that promote efficiency.

  • Cutting-edge technology that can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems.

Solutions & Services

Data Analytics

BigHand’s Impact Analytics AI-enabled data analytics platform and service uses past data to predict and refine future pricing. We work with law firms and corporate legal departments to transform their historical billing data into actionable cost data.

  • Historical Data Analytics: Leveraging Impact Analytics UTBMS+ methodology we transform billing narratives into activity level unit costs for future matter scoping and pricing.

  • Data-Driven Templates: We create copy and customizable, easy to navigate templates with task level process maps.

  • Diversity: Law firms and legal departments use our granular task level analytics identify whether diverse lawyers are getting the same career-advancing opportunities as the non-diverse lawyers.

Case Study: Working with the GC of a global company, Digitory’s analytics identified $5M in billing and staffing violations across their panel firms. For the same organization, Digitory developed a should cost pricing model which enabled the organization to effectively assess bids and prevented the organization from incurring a $8M loss on an alternative fee arrangement.

Managed Services

BigHand’s Impact Analytics tech-enabled managed services helps law firms and corporate legal teams monitor and manage matters in real-time to deliver predictable pricing.

  • Matter Management: We provide actual-to-budget tracking, billing narrative review, and scope change alerts to ensure profitability across complex fee arrangements.

  • Data Quality: Following a data review, we create customized “How To” guides to help law firms improve the quality and defensibility of their billing narratives.

Case Study: For one top tier law firm, Digitory’s tech-enabled managed services increased realization 20% on a multi-million-dollar alternative fee arrangement. In addition, the firm achieved exceptional improvement in data quality from every timekeeper and gathered actionable, task-level data for pricing future engagements.

Outside Counsel Management

Optimizing data is a core pillar of BigHand's Impact Analytics outside counsel management services. We work with in-house legal teams and law firms to identify key data quality improvements that deliver cost transparency and increased collaboration between in-house legal departments and their legal service providers.

  • Guidelines: We help legal departments to create or refine their outside counsel guidelines with a focus on increased compliance and unlocking cost savings from their billing data.

  • RFPs/Pricing Arrangements: Using a data-driven approach we provide legal departments with actionable insight to evaluate portfolio pricing, RFP scoping, AFAs, and other complex fee arrangements.

  • Legal Provider Panels: Our data-driven approach provides legal departments with a granular understanding of their legal panel spend enabling them to identify panel firms that are delivering proven cost transparency, efficiency, and diversity.

Quote: “The Digitory team is the definition of professional execution. They are specialists in vendor management, guidelines and have some great technology for budget management and even greater data analytics capabilities, especially in really unique and valuable areas like diverse staffing."

— Senior Director, Legal Operations

Meet Digitory's Founder, Catherine Krow

Catherine Krow founded Digitory Legal to help lawyers and in-house legal departments respond to an evolving market and to solve cost-management challenges in ways that promote trust and collaboration between attorneys and clients.

Before founding Digitory Legal, Catherine practiced law at top-tier firms for 17 years, first at Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett and then at Orrick, where she was a Litigation Partner. She is an accomplished trial lawyer with extensive experience representing global corporations in a wide variety of high-stakes litigation matters.

For her pioneering work in legal technology, Catherine was named a 2018 Top 10 Woman Entrepreneur In Cloud Innovation, a 2019 American Bar Association "Women of Legal Technology List" honoree and included in the FastCase 50 Class of 2019 “honoring the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, & leaders”.

In 2022, Catherine joined BigHand as Managing Director of Diversity and Impact Analytics.

Digitory is now part of BigHand

Digitory’s data & cost analytics platform has enhanced both BigHand’s Resource Management and Matter Pricing products. Visit the product pages to learn more.