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5th Annual LawVision and BigHand Profitability Survey Report

In its fifth year, the 2023 LawVision and BigHand survey provides a snapshot of the transforming legal landscape, as law firms balance longstanding profitability goals with the promise of AI. Despite economic uncertainty, this technology and strategy points to a future.

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Unlocking the Power of Pricing Tools: A Guide to Implementing a Pricing Tool in Your Law Firm

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Improving Client Engagement to Safeguard Profitability

Uncover the latest legal pricing and matter budgeting trends from over 800 senior legal finance roles, Managing Partners, LPM and Finance Systems roles from law firms of 100+ lawyers in the UK and North America.

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Safeguarding Profitability with Effective Resource Utilization

The level of employee volatility within law firms is unprecedented. Lateral hires (and therefore attrition) are at an all-time high; salaries are rising fast; and a stand-off is emerging between firms’ hybrid working policies and employee expectations. In the face of these challenges, is profitability being compromised? Download the report to uncover how firms are safeguarding profitability with effective resource utilization.

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The 4th Annual Law Firm Profitability Survey

LawVision and Iridium Technology, now part of BigHand, surveyed law firm leaders on key topics such as overall satisfaction with profitability, strategic projects being pursued to address performance, reporting policies, tools/technologies in use, as well as the nuts-and-bolts of profit modeling and calculation. See what they said...

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Guide: How to Improve Matter Budgeting to Increase Profitability

Improving profitability is a top focus for any legal professional today. We know it’s important to increase revenue and reduce cost, but where’s the best place to start? Creating informed matter budgets based on data from previous work is key. When working with our clients, we see matters with budgets almost always outperform those without. Download the guide to see how firms are improving matter budgeting to increase profitability.

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Legal Pricing Director Priorities: Law Firm Profitability According to the Experts

In this article, we dig into the findings of BigHand’s Legal Pricing and Budgeting Report, specifically the findings from Pricing Directors to provide insights on their top priorities, including mandated matter budgeting; profit leakage; and embedding a culture of profitability.

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Implementing Financial Intelligence to Give Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond

In an effort to identify key trends among law firm financial leaders, BigHand, BRYTER, and SurePoint Technologies together conducted a research on the elevated expectations of finance professionals, the impact of the pandemic on the business of law, the application of data to decision-making, the perception of profitability, and the pace of innovation. Read what the results said...

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