Optimize Your Law Firm’s Pitches and Proposals

As clients alter how they select their law firms, how will you help your firm stand out, prove its value, and convince prospects that you’re their ideal partner? 

Picture two menus from restaurants you’ve never visited.  

One menu is an obvious photocopy on standard paper. In cramped print, it lists dish names and prices with several alterations in black marker. There are no photos, food descriptions, other details, or delivery options listed. 

The second menu is a glossy laminate with full-color photos of featured dishes. It offers extensive descriptions of each dish, allergy alerts, and ratings on spiciness levels. Customer reviews are sprinkled throughout, and an announcement of a recent “best of” award is followed by several delivery options. 

All else being equal, which restaurant would you choose? Now imagine that hundreds of thousands of dollars, your company’s reputation and market position, and your personal success depends on you making the optimal choice.  

Prospective clients are in a similar position when evaluating pitches and proposals from law firms. Mere listings of services and prices with cut-and-pasted paragraphs from the website are far from enough to convince prospects that your firm is their best choice.  

That’s especially true as more prospective clients ask firms to show how they provide unique value, with 94% of surveyed corporate clients saying added value can be a determining factor in their outside counsel selection.  

As clients alter how they select their law firms, how will you help your firm stand out, prove its value, and convince prospects that you’re their ideal partner? 

Convince prospective clients with factual evidence

Recent research shows that differentiation is critical to staying competitive in today’s legal market. Firms that stand out on their strengths and prove how they deliver client value will attract more clients and repeat business.  

That requires tailoring each pitch and proposal to each prospective client's needs with targeted messages highlighting the firm’s most relevant offerings and resources. Including data-backed evidence in thoroughly detailed pitching and proposal documents gives prospects proven results that your law firm delivers on its promises. 

However, several challenges make it almost impossible to achieve the level of detail and accuracy required through manual efforts.  

Overcome challenges in developing legal pitching and proposals

Manually refining a pitch or proposal often requires searching through years of case and matter results and lawyer expertise and experience to pinpoint relevant and applicable information. It’s easy to overlook or omit critical details and challenging to keep up with the firm's evolving service models and delivery capabilities. 

To further complicate matters for business development and marketing teams, firms are making job cuts in these areas to offset rising costs after years of economic turbulence and impending inflation.  

As a result, your firm can lose opportunities to prove its unique value and capture new business. With resources already restricted for many firms, streamlining client bids using a modern technological proposal and pitching solution can help you increase your firm’s win rate and achieve more for less.  

Seize more opportunities with legal pitching and proposal technology

Empower your business development and marketing teams with user-friendly legal pitching and proposal technology tools that require minimal training. Automated processes enable teams to swiftly collect and combine the relevant information and generate winning proposals that are:  

  • Up-to-date and well-rounded. Quickly and easily gather information from internal and external data sources. Ensure your pitch content always includes the most up-to-date data and insights.  
  • More persuasive. Include details on lawyer education and expertise, case and matter outcomes, testimonials, practice area/departmental data, individual and firm accolades, and more to create compelling proposals.
  • More relevant to each prospect. Provide each prospect with the most meaningful information in a personalized format with much less effort than traditional methods. 
  • Instant and consistent. Automatically generate attractive proposals based on customisable templates to maintain brand consistency. 
  •   Traceable. Track opportunities and report on outcomes from one central location. 

Don’t deliver another vague lackluster proposal. Offer a bright and informative proposal that shows clients exactly what they want and how to get it. Get in touch now and learn how the BigHand Pitching and Proposal tool lets you create branded professional pitch documents that win more work for your law firm.