Don’t let formatting errors waste your resources

Over the years, simple formatting issues within Microsoft have cost organisations hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue - all due to the valuable time people spend fixing them, rather than working on more business critical tasks. BigHand Document Styling handles formatting with a single click. Give your teams the tools they need to manage their documents effortlessly, in one easy-to-manage solution. With easy integration within the Microsoft suite, you can access key design features such as unlimited numbering, bullet points, styling and more at the click of a button.

Empower your teams to be self-sufficient, stay compliant and manage all their document styling needs themselves, with BigHand Document Styling.

The Big Benefits

Have confidence

your documents are legally and corporately compliant.

Maintain a professional persona for your organisation

through consistent, high-quality document branding.

Boost productivity and profitability

and gain self-sufficiency reclaiming wasted resources for use on higher-value tasks.

Simple, straightforward and time-saving

solutions designed to empower your teams to format documents with a single click.

BigHand Document Styling keeps you compliant and self-sufficient

Your teams' formatting frustrations are a thing of the past

With BigHand Document Styling, creating lengthy, branded documents that are fully compliant can be tricky for your teams to do at the best of times. Give your teams the tools to access key features within a document such as unlimited numbering, bullet points, styling and more.

A wider range of functions

"With BigHand Document Styling, users can access Word’s functionality very easily. All of our secretaries are now able to use a wider range of functions, and have much more confidence in their work – which translates to better work in a shorter amount of time.” - Gould & Ratner LLP

Access key formatting functionality in one place

BigHand Document Styling seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word to provide quick and easy access to key document numbering, styling and formatting tools, all in one place.

Simplifying the process

"BigHand works for us because it supports Word’s native architecture, but simplifies the process for the users. It’s designed to be easy for attorneys and legal assistants to use and I don’t anticipate us needing much training time.”
Joseph Mason, Director of Practice Support Services, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus

Reduce training time

With BigHand Document Styling, users can work in a more self-sufficient manner and produce great-looking professional documents without needing extensive training or support from specialist document production teams.

Saving time and money

"When creating a table of contents, BigHand Document Styling is going to save you at least 20 minutes and maybe more. It’s one button! Provided the document is styled properly, that’s all it takes and you’re done, we love it!"
Valerie Pickel, Training and Project Manager, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Understand your documents and fix formatting and styling errors

BigHand Document Styling lets anyone view the existing formatting that's been applied to a document by clicking the "Reveal Formatting" button.

This feature uncovers the settings that have been applied to each section and gives users a solid basis to continue working from, which is particularly useful when fixing corruptions or when multiple users work on a document.

Streamline production

"With BigHand’s technology we’ve managed to streamline our whole document production operation and remove the headache of inefficient processes for our users."
Joseph Mason, Director of Practice Support Services, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus

Easy administration

To ensure firm-wide consistency, admin-level users can manage all settings via the central administrative console. This includes all elements of your brand schemes, font, alignment and other document formatting preferences, as well being able to control to which users the settings apply.

Making work more efficient

"BigHand allows us to reduce the number of vendors we have to deal with for our Microsoft Office add-ins. We have experienced great support from the whole BigHand team to help us get started with training and getting ready for rollout."
Ha Truong, Application Support Manager, Michael Best


Easy access to a wide range of tools, including efficient:
- Font, paragraph, bullets and numbering
- Title marks
- Table of contents
- Renovation tools

BigHand Styling Ribbon
The BigHand Styling ribbon is available in Microsoft Word and allows easy access to numbering and schemes, styles, table of contents and document functionality. Staff can also customise document format options like numbering families and save them for use elsewhere.

Scheme Manager
The Scheme Manager gives you access to all of your organisation’s house styles as well as any personal schemes you’ve saved. With Scheme Manager you can customise existing schemes, create new ones, and copy styles and style sets from one document to another.

BigHand Document Styling Admin
Admin-level users can manage all of the BigHand Document Styling settings via the BigHand central administrative console. This includes all elements of your brand schemes, font, alignment and other document formatting preferences, as well being able to control to which users the settings apply.

Our styling tool is brilliantly simple

Plug in and go
With no external requirements, BigHand Document Styling works from the off. There’s no need for production teams or intensive training - with initial set-up support from BigHand, your teams can fire up the system and start formatting from the word go, saving time wasted on unnecessary admin.

Online resources and training videos
BigHand Document Styling is so simple it doesn’t need specialist training. For those administering the system, training is done via interactive webinars to keep your staff’s time free. Help videos are online or available through the ‘help’ button in the ribbon, and self-help videos are included within the product itself.

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