September 01, 2015

Global growth needs structure and centralisation.

And to reduce costs and increase capability, DLA Piper has forged ahead with a more corporate, process-led way of working, moving certain work to regional hubs. But to do that they first needed a solid, dedicated platform to base that on – which is where BigHand came in.

Jason Plant, Head of Applications Technology says that DLA Piper already had experience of running centralised services from Leeds through its IT department, and it saw an opportunity to move the firm’s document services function to a single location.

"There is a cost savings element to this, creating one centralised document services unit outside London, but it also gives us scope and flexibility globally: we can run the office for longer hours across the firm, and provide service to parts of business where support wasn’t an option – where perhaps fee earners would otherwise be doing it. It’s bringing about a stronger operating model and real process efficiencies."

By enabling document flow between DLA offices, BigHand has been the fundamental technology behind that change.

"BigHand has a very good understanding of what we are trying to do with business process – they’re not just about dictation," says Plant. "Over and above dictation, BigHand is a workflow engine on which to build DLA’s business processes, helping us deliver more efficiency and competitiveness."

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