LVN Pricing Panel: Pricing Tips to Maintain Profits in 2021 and Beyond

Despite the huge pressures placed on law firms in the last 18 months, most have remained flexible and resilient, which has, in many cases, resulted in strong profitability and growth. In the majority of cases, strong results have been down to firms increasing their focus on client communications, as well as making strict expense cuts from travel and entertainment to real estate overheads.

The question firms are now asking is – “how can profitability be sustained and even increased as we begin to return to “normal”? As staff move back into offices and expenses begin to creep up, profitability will once again rely on firm’s underlying processes and working practices.

Join BigHand’s Managing Director of Pricing and Profitability, Rob Stote, as he and a panel of legal pricing experts share insight and top tips across the areas of “People”, “Processes” and “Technology” to maintain and increasing profitability in 2021 and beyond.