Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren Chooses BigHand Digital Dictation

NLJ 500 Ranked Firm, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c., Chooses BigHand Digital Dictation to Support Their Highly Mobile Attorneys.

In an effort to standardize processes and gain efficiencies to better serve their clients, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. has chosen to implement BigHand Digital Dictation firm wide. Ranked by the National Law Journal as one of the nation’s 200 largest firms, Reinhart takes a client-centric approach in ensuring they always provide clients with accessible, responsive service.

With over 200 attorneys in seven offices throughout the Midwest, Phoenix and Denver, the firm is committed to delivering the maximum value to its clients. The decision to go with BigHand Digital Dictation, including speech recognition and mobility, is part of a larger effort of the firm to leverage technology to increase the capacity of their attorneys and administrative staff while creating a more responsive, cost-effective client experience. In his search for a cutting-edge dictation solution, Jerry Bishop, Director of Technology at Reinhart consulted the ILTA Annual Technology Survey and learned that BigHand was the top-ranked solution among law firms.

Bishop states, “Our attorneys are highly mobile and are constantly on the road attending client meetings, working out of our other offices and in different time zones, at all hours of the day and night. With BigHand, they can be much more responsive to our clients because there is no delay in getting the work to the right person back at the office. They can do the work no matter where they are, no matter what time it is.”

In addition, Bishop was pleasantly surprised with the ease of adoption by the attorneys. “Usually, new technology is met with resistance, but this was not the case with BigHand. When we introduced it to the attorneys, everyone saw how easy it was to use and there was a real grass-roots demand to get the technology implemented for everyone.” The fact that BigHand can be used with both smartphones and handheld digital dictation devices also eased the transition for attorneys who prefer to use familiar hardware. Bishop also commented, “Adoption rate of new technology is heavily influenced by ease of adoption and onboarding process. BigHand did a fantastic job with their experienced, accessible trainers. BigHand is very easy to do business with which makes it easy to use.”