Arizona law firm, Jones Skelton & Hochuli, switches to BigHand Digital Dictation and is already seeing an impact on time saved on transcriptions

CHICAGO, IL - Leading Arizona litigation firm, Jones Skelton & Hochuli, L.L.C., has switched to BigHand Digital Dictation with speech recognition and mobility, to give their attorneys greater flexibility in working remotely and on the go. With over 80 experienced trial lawyers and a robust support staff, the firm needed a solution that could support their busy staff.

Previously, the firm employed digital dictation devices with software from the device manufacturer. Attorneys found this solution very clunky, as uploading dictations when they were away from the office required a complicated upload process via their server. In addition, there was no way to track the status of their submitted dictations to ensure work was received and completed.

In their quest to find a better solution, Mitch Merchant, Director of IT at Jones Skelton & Hochuli, only considered one option: BigHand. Merchant had used BigHand at a previous firm, and was always very satisfied with the technology’s capabilities and accompanying customer support.

He stated: “BigHand was the only solution that could provide us with the robust set of features we were looking for. We wanted our attorneys to be comfortable dictating, regardless of whether they used their smart phone, tablet or a dictation device. We also wanted to give them the flexibility to quickly and seamlessly send their dictations back to the office, no matter where they were working. Also, we are very impressed with the quality of BigHand’s speech recognition capabilities and we are already seeing an impact on time saved on transcriptions."