BigHand completes record breaking year and gives credit to its people.

BigHand has today announced record-breaking results for global client support and North America sales for its recently completed fiscal year, cementing its position as the most trusted industry partner in productivity and profitability software for law firms.

The leading legal software supplier recognized the resilience and engagement of its staff as cause for its reports of record sales and record revenue in North America, the successful acquisition of Resource Management leader Mason & Cook, and impressive customer satisfaction scores.

Against a tough backdrop of enforced remote working and economic challenges suffered by businesses across the globe, BigHand was dedicated to best supporting its clients in transitioning to the new way of working.

It experienced a dramatic increase in demand for it’s legal-specific workflow solution which allows work to be automatically routed to the right support staff at the right cost to the firm, and be monitored throughout the process. The solution also provides visibility of key metrics like work type, volume, capacity and utilization. As a result its global client base for this solution has grown by over 40%, with the largest increase seen in North America.

At the same time, lawyers have needed to be more self-sufficient working from home, which generated demand for smarter document creation solutions. BigHand enjoyed particularly strong growth in its UK template management business.

In the second half of the year firms began moving quickly to bring in better means of dealing with renewed customer pressure on rates. Matter pricing, budgeting and tracking sales picked up through BigHand’s final fiscal quarter with strong interest and demand globally.

The projects teams launched into deploying these solutions in rapid time and delivered an increased training agenda online, receiving excellent client feedback. The customer services team reported world-class results averaging a global NPS score of 87, and average global Customer Satisfaction score of 97. BigHand’s market reputation was also bolstered by three separate award wins from the American Business Awards, British Legal Technology Awards and OnCon Icon Awards.

Looking ahead, the business understands the need to change and adapt to the market in order to stay on top, and has reorganized itself to be more product-centric and client-focused as a foundation for its next phase of growth.

Sam Toulson, CEO at BigHand comments, “As a business we recognize the importance of our people to our success, and worked hard to ensure communication was open and people initiatives were put in place to support our culture throughout the pandemic. The resilience and professionalism of our people combined with our loyal customer base is undoubtedly what has propelled us forward this year.”

Eric Wangler, Managing Director for Workflow and Resource Management adds “In today’s market, law firms need visibility of their end-to-end operations to make informed data-driven decisions and deliver first-class client service. Surfacing key productivity and profitability data is crucial for law firms to stay ahead as we transition from ‘work-from-home’ to ‘work-from-anywhere’. Looking forward, we are excited to further support our clients with legal work allocation and resource management from partner to associate to support staff as well as working with firms on how best to optimize matter pricing and budgeting for enhanced profitability.”