BigHand announces latest version of matter planning and pricing tool, making budget planning and tracking easy

BigHand are delighted to release the latest version of its matter planning, pricing and tracking tool, BigHand Matter Pricing version 2.8.

BigHand Matter Pricing 2.8 is the first release for the product as part of the BigHand umbrella, following an industry-leading, agile development process which builds on 24 years of experience in developing legal technology, and headed up by Chief Technology Officer, Andy Fielder.

The main premise for the updates in the release is an enhanced user experience that makes the usability of key functions like creating a budget much quicker and easier for the user enabling a self-service approach. Tracking budgets has been made simpler with improved functionality for including year-on-year rate maturation, helping to ensure accuracy when pricing long-running legal work. Powerful reporting functionality has been added, allowing flexible creation of internal or client-facing reports.

In addition, it is now easier to incorporate tiered percentage discounts based on the client spend, a feature which again increases the precision when forecasting and tracking matter budgets. For matters or clients which require phase, task and activity level time capture, further enhancements to the technology have now ensured that Pricing & Profitability 2.8 is the premier tool for planning or tracking matters.

Tom Spelling, Product Director at BigHand comments, “We’re delighted to release the most advanced version of BigHand Matter Pricing to date, and the first since our acquisition of DW Reporting in April 2018. All our product development comes directly from our conversations with clients, and we’re pleased to have created a streamlined user experience in Matter Pricing 2.8 which delivers the quickest planning and the most powerful tracking of matter budgets. At BigHand we aim to produce ‘brilliantly simple’ technology, and this product release is proof of that.”

BigHand have been working with many law firms globally on an early adoption plan for the tool and are delighted with the results the firms are seeing in being able to offer their clients increased visibility into their pricing and budgeting, and the overall impact this will have on their customer satisfaction.

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