BigHand helps Nicholas & Co work and deliver faster

In a February 2015 article for Legal Practice Management, office manager Gwen Philippou of Nicholas & Co talked modernizing the firm’s dictation technology – and how going digital with BigHand has empowered its people

A worsening headache of broken equipment, costly replacements and poor sound quality led to making the switch to Digital Dictation a matter of urgency. The longstanding tape recorders, though familiar, were becoming increasingly unreliable.

Not only were they defective, we were spending quite a lot of money on repairing and replacing machinery. And every now and again a long tape would somehow drag itself out of the cassette casing, which was always a disaster.

Philippou and the management team knew the firm’s dictation equipment was “archaic and inefficient”, but now it was also becoming costly. Implementing BigHand digital dictation in May 2014 made a huge difference to the firm’s processes, she says – it changed the way its people could manage their workloads, it sped up document turnaround and opened up new opportunities for efficiency and productivity.

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