Law Firm Leaders Discuss the Importance of Workflow Data Visibility Surfaced by BigHand

Allison O'Reilly, Business Operations Manager at Herrick Feinstein LLP, and Josh DeLozier, Workflow Coordinator at Barclay Damon LLP, discuss the importance of workflow visibility and the data surfaced by BigHand Workflow Management.

Allison: I mean, I think it's really helped us maintain the hybrid model. You know, we've always said from the beginning that you need to be just as productive from home as you are in the office and whatever that looks like for you in your role. And specifically for our practices, system stuff, you know, we need to make sure that our attorneys feel just as supported if they are in the office, if their home, you know, if their assistant is in the office or home.

So I think that having the visibility that the dashboard provides we can see a great overview of who's bogged down, who maybe has capacity, who's been able to shift work around so that people can focus on, you know, the more time sensitive work and take advantage of capacities that we've found through through the overview that that provides.

Josh: Echoing the same thing as like seeing department folders, seeing all the work that's being done by the people that are working remotely. That's big, but some things specifically, I'd say, and you know, this is not scripted, the BigHand part is where we've been able to customize forms. And when we utilize those forms, or we see those forms utilize, we're now looking and seeing what type of work people are doing.

So you know, on any given day, it's a right, why are you because some people may have more work in one folder than others. But the tell is alright, you have these documents, you're editing the preview, and you're like, oh, wow, that's a whole lot of attachments. That's why you only have two tasks in your folder. And it's been taking you all day. Other people are cruising through with you know, 20 - 30 tasks a day and you look at them, it's like, well, you've been doing a lot of legal scheduling. You've been doing a lot of just revisions, nothing like to time sensitive. So that kind of visibility of the specific work that they're doing has really helped and allows us to kind of just kind of keep customizing and seeing that to help us from overhead seeing what people are working on in specifics.

About BigHand Workflow Management

To provide the best client service while supporting your bottom line, it’s vital to ensure your teams are working efficiently and smartly. Ineffective and outdated methods of delegating tasks makes it easy for things to be overlooked, means your workforce isn’t properly optimized, your tasks aren’t being delivered on time, and your bottom line is suffering as a result. BigHand Workflow Management is a task management solution that lets you turn your tasks into fully auditable, digital workflow entries. You can create tasks from voice, email, electronic or paper-based requests – from document production requests to reprographics and travel bookings.

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