What the BigHand Conference 2024 Showed Me

What the BigHand Conference 2024 Showed Me
Sitting down at my desk now the dust has settled after the BigHand Conference 2024 feels like the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper and outline some of my highlights from the day. First, I’d like to begin this article with a recap of my commitment to all BigHand clients, which I introduced during the opening talk of the conference:
  • We will support you 
  • We will prioritise your success 
  • We will deliver against our roadmap 
  • We will listen to you 

It’s important to be clear about the objectives and purpose of any business, and the BigHand Conference 2024 was an awesome opportunity to demonstrate our purpose – to enable our customers to achieve enhanced efficiency, better decision-making, and harness their competitive edge.

With 57 expert speakers across more than 20 sessions, there was a huge wealth of knowledge about innovations in legal technology on offer to attendees. I’m so appreciative of our client speakers who so generously shared their insights and experiences.

It’s through being a leading facilitator of knowledge and innovation that BigHand can succeed in our purpose, and that’s what the BigHand Conference means to me in a nutshell.

Shaping Outcomes Through Owning It

I firmly believe in the importance of being values driven, and at BigHand, one of our core values is "We Own It”. I loved how applicable this particular value is to one of the core teachings that our brilliant keynote speaker, Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy, shared in his talk. He dubbed it the “magic formula”:

Event + Response = Outcome 

The theory behind the formula is that it’s not an event in isolation that determines the outcome. Rather, the outcome is also determined by the way we respond to an event. The response component of the formula is driven by people, whether in a business or social context, and it’s people who hold the power to influence. So, with the choice to “own it”, we can control our response and positively shape the outcome of an event. Applied in the context of BigHand, our people own their roles and responsibilities as experts in the legal technology sector to deliver our client’s desired business outcomes and make big happen.

Embracing Change Through Control 

We shape the future with the choices we make each day, and a favourite quote of mine is “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” from William Ernest Henley’s ‘Invictus’. This mindset brings me comfort and assurance both in my personal and work life. At BigHand, we build with tomorrow in mind, transforming ideas into action and empowering our customers to succeed in a world of constant change.

Change is a subject that Paul also covered in his talk. It can be challenging for all of us when we’re faced with the unknown. It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is the hot topic in technology now, and it can be intimidating simply because there are so many questions about what the future of the legal industry will look like as machine learning becomes more commonplace. However, Paul demonstrated how we love change when it’s our choice. Knowledge and awareness of the benefits or consequences of change puts us in control. With control and knowledge, BigHand are positioned to confidently work for the law firm of the future.

Driving Growth Through Perspective 

Paul’s talk also affirmed just how vital perspective is in decision-making. For BigHand, perspective helps us support clients to make informed and strategic business decisions. As Paul shared, perspective is collective and, while an individual’s viewpoint may not be incorrect, it can often be incomplete. Embracing a broader spectrum of perspectives allows BigHand to identify opportunities and challenges more comprehensively and in the context of the wider industry. With a culture of open-mindedness that encourages diverse insights, we can drive growth and be agile in navigating an ever-evolving market.

With perspective at the forefront of my mind, I’ll reflect on the state of play at BigHand. We’re now a global team of nearly 500 BigHanders, with a customer base of over 4,600 businesses. We just delivered our largest industry event to date and, with over 500 registrations in total, I couldn’t feel prouder of the team who worked so hard to put the BigHand Conference together. It’s successful endeavours like this that keep me confident as we deliver on our commitment to clients that we will make the hard stuff easy, making more time for the things that really matter.