Get transparency into your support teams

Understanding what tasks your support teams are spending time and resource on is important for key decision-makers. With support teams accounting for a third of your overall expenditure – and without transparency, you may be incurring unnecessary and costly admin.

Gain visibility of your support staff and optimize their performance, ensuring they are being given the right work, at the right time. Delegate your way to excellence with BigHand's legal workflow solution.

Effectively manage task delegation and gain visibility

As the only solution on the market built specifically for the legal sector, BigHand Workflow recognizes the importance of law firms delegating more effectively, and gaining visibility of the work completed by support teams.

With a fully configurable digital workflow tool, not only will your teams have a steady flow of work tailored to their skillset, you'll also have full visibility of your team's key performance indicators such as workloads, capacity, utilization and time management.

See how BigHand Workflow helps ensure the right person is working on the right things at the right time

The Big Benefits

Enhance client service

by applying the right skills to the right task, at the right cost.

Save money and boost profits

by avoiding bottlenecks, and submitting accurate work the first time.

Improve turnaround times and law firm productivity

when the right team members have instant access to the right information.

Share and receive work seamlessly

and evenly between different teams and offices.

Understand your resource capacity

with real-time law firm workflow visibility and data.

BigHand Workflow– the best task delegation solution for you

Harness the power of configurable workflows with BigHand Workflow

Our configurable workflow management solution simplifies life for your lawyers. With BigHand Workflow, lawyers can quickly and easily track and assign tasks to the right skilled member of the support team, freeing them up to spend more time on billable work and less time on administrative work which is often written off.

Stay productive on the go with
BigHand Workflow for Mobile

Enable your lawyers to easily submit and track tasks on the move. BigHand Workflow for Mobile helps busy lawyers stay productive in and out of the office, and enables support staff to manage workloads with a steady stream of tasks.

Email tasks directly into your workflow with BigHand Workflow Mail

BigHand Workflow Mail is a simple way to get tasks and files to the right resource via email. Quick and easy to use, sending tasks through BigHand Workflow Mail is ideal for lawyers on the move who don’t have time to complete forms, and for simple requests that don’t need the same level of data capture.

60% faster

At Fletcher Day, installing BigHand Now has seen their average turnaround time drop from over 30 hours to just 12 hours.

Gain in-depth team oversight

BigHand Team Tracker offers complete transparency of your support staff – you can retrieve data in an easy-to-read timesheet, allowing you to review staff activity as and when you need to.

Ensuring that the right tasks are being assigned to the appropriate team members means that tasks can be completed on time and on budget, allowing you to make informed business decisions about your team’s efficiency.

Overcome the unequal distribution of work

"BigHand was exactly the technology needed to overcome the unequal distribution of work and a manual and time-consuming process of tracking the progress of each task" - Berwins

Seamless, quick and secure sharing

A valuable addition to BigHand Workflow, our innovative Service Provider Gateway helps you share your workflows seamlessly and securely with third party outsourcing agents. It’s quick and easy to submit work to specific outsourcing agency work via BigHand Workflow, and grant access to all relevant parties as and when needed.

From concept to completion we’ll be on hand to ensure a smooth implementation

BigHand Workflow is transparent and easy to implement, with minimal disruption. There are no developers needed – our BigHanders will get you up and running at optimum efficiency, delivering an efficient automated workflow solution that’s fast and incredibly easy to implement, and easy for you to update and manage yourself going forwards.

We’ll build a comprehensive statement of works with your requirements at the outset, outlining everything you need to get your solution up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Most importantly, your team of BigHanders will provide ongoing support and training throughout the process.

See how BigHand Workflow can help you achieve operational excellence

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