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BigHand Resource Management Pricing Tiers and Product Specs

Pricing Tiers

BigHand Resource Management Features




Advanced resource scheduling

Lawyer capacity forecasting

Skills and experience tracking

Hours and forecast reporting

Resource manager dashboard

Lawyer dashboard

Resource request process

Opportunities board

Mobile access

Customizable dashboards

Skills reporting

Partner dashboard

Product Details


BigHand Resource Management can accept data feeds from your Practice Management, HR and Time Recording systems, data warehouses or custom applications so that data across the firm is consistent and reliable. When automated integration is not required, BigHand Resource Management offers the capability for you to import your organization’s data, for example using csv files, without the overhead of manual entry or bespoke development. 

Responsive / Mobile

Desktop, tablet or mobile – access the power of the BigHand Resource Management platform conveniently, wherever you are. 

Flexible Hosting

Cloud or on-premise solutions - Whether your organization has embraced Cloud, or prefers to host systems from their premises, there is a BigHand Resource Management implementation to suit your firm’s operational and data security requirements. 


  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Office Visual Studio 2010 Tools For Office Runtime
  • Windows Installer (X86), Version
  • 2.0Hz+ Processor
  • 2Gb Ram (Xp) Or 1.5Gb Ram (Vista/7)
  • 30Mb Free Disk Space