What is BigHand Business Intelligence - Working Capital Edition?

BigHand Business Intelligence - Working Capital Edition is a streamlined version of our market-leading legal BI solution.

BigHand Business Intelligence - Working Capital Edition makes it quick and simple for firms to gain a consistent view of their working capital data across the firm. Firm-wide dashboards highlight the most important WIP and debt metrics to attorneys, enabling them to take action with the appropriate data at hand.

Simple and fast to install, get visibility of your WIP and debt data today, to make sure you are making the right decisions, at the right time.

The Big Benefits

Instant Visibility of Working Capital

A consistent, firm-wide view of WIP and debt metrics to enable faster action and better decision making.

Target Time Critical Matters

Manage WIP and debt by age, to ensure outstanding matters are not forgotten and a flatter billing/collections cycle is achieved.

Reduce your Inventory Days

Drive behaviors that result in improved financial hygiene across the firm, keeping your time keepers accountable for tracking budgets.

Increase Cash in the Bank

Better visibility enables firms to consistently improve their cash flow position, and ultimately, maximize profitability.

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BigHand Quantum Working Capital Edition – a quick and easy way for better visibility and faster action

One data source, firm wide

Having a consistent, easy to access source of financial data is critical to enable decisions to be made. BigHand Quantum Working Capital Edition ensures consistently displayed and fully reconciled data is rolled out partner-wide, providing the information needed to drive strategic action - fast.

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"Every day we reduce lock up is worth $1.2M in the bank to us. "

Manage your WIP and debt targets

Once users have the visibility of the relevant data, they are empowered to take the necessary action themselves, as well as providing insight into how the firm is faring against WIP and debt targets. This removes reporting dependencies on finance teams, and empowers users to be the facilitators of financial best practice.

Improve your visibility in a matter of days

We have designed this solution with efficiency and simplicity in mind, enabling our clients to see the data they need to make fast decisions. In line with that concept, the installation of BigHand Quantum Working Capital Edition will take a matter of days, enabling your firm to make fast changes and see real impact.

Pricing options that work for you

We are constantly striving to work with our clients in the best possible way to meet their needs. And in the current economic climate, we see this as more important than ever. With that in mind, we have developed a flexible pricing and payment structure for BigHand Quantum Working Capital Edition, and would be delighted to discuss the best options available for your firm. Please do get in touch via the form below so we can talk through your requirements.

Shine a light on working capital metrics ​

Many firms today do not have the visibility they need to execute cash flow improvements and forecast with confidence and accuracy and in today's current climate, this information is now more important than ever.

Get the crucial visibility of your essential working capital metrics, address your firm’s financial health and increase your cash flow position with BigHand Business Intelligence - Working Capital Edition.

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Business Intelligence

Assessing key financial data helps you really understand how your business operates, and how to make effective business changes.

Plan and price competitively

Increase profits by tracking matter budgets in real-time and using existing data to price future work quickly and consistently.

“We have improved by 20 days over the past 4 years resulting in an extra $20M in the bank”

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